YouTube Music in now available in India

YouTube Music – You probably heard of this legend before. You maybe awaiting for it. So, the good news is, It is finally launched n India publicly.

So, as you now know that It is finally available in India. Let’s talk about some of its features and checkout it’s premium plan.

YouTube Music on Desktop

Youtube Music Official Homepage

You can access it here at

YouTube music is available on Desktop. You can visit the website and get access to a wide range of Regional, Bollywood and International Artists. You can choose your favorite artists to get a personalized feed and Playlist.

Youtube Music Hotlist

PC version also have a Trending section like thing which they named “Hotlist”. It shows you the Trending Music Videos on YouTube.

YouTube Music For Android









YouTube music for Android is also available. You can download it from Play Store.

It is very easy-peasy to use on Android. Just download and Install the Android App and open it. The choose your Google account which you wan’t to use.

It’s Android app is having a feed having Music tracks from your favourite artists and songs. Hotlist which is similar to the Trending section on the official Android App on YouTube.

Premium Plans of YouTube Music

It is having a premium plan having a lot of features like :

  • Play songs without shuffling
  • Official songs & Albums
  • Remixes & more
  • Ad-free Music
  • Background Play
  • Downloads

YouTube Music vs. Spotify

Youtube Premium Pricing

It’s Free version is much better than Spotify Free version. We can play a particular song without shuffling which is not available in Spotify. But if we compare YouTube Music Premium to Spotify Premium, then Spotify is a clear winner if we ignore the small difference in pricing.

YouTube Music premium costs ₹99/month where Spotify is just a bit costlier of ₹119/month.

I will write an in-detail comparison of YT Music and Spotify soon on InnovativeBeast.

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