Which company owns Zili App?

Indian Government banned a lot of Chinese apps that were suspicious and collecting and sending the data of users to Chinese servers. In a statement by the Ministry of Information and Broadcasting release a statement stating an order of banning 59 Chinese apps from in India. After this statement, the ongoing anti-china sentiments got boosted up, so peoples started searching about the owners of different apps. So, we are helping them through our articles in finding out the owners of different apps, and in this article, I am going to tell you Which company owns Zilli App?

Before we tell you about the owner of this company, let’s have a look at what this app is all about.

About Zili App

Zili App is a short and funny video-sharing app that lets you create and share videos directly from your smartphone.

It is an alternative to the very infamous app TikTok, which is banned by the Indian Government resulting in the growth of Zili.

You can create and upload videos from your gallery. It allows you to share those videos to different platform right from the app, you can download the videos posted by users..

This app has a leaderboard where they rank every video creator and the top creators win some prizes.

On the homepage, there are two kind of timelines, one where app recommends you videos and other Following tab where you see the videos coming from the people’s you follow.

Unlike TikTok, you can’t link your social media or a general link to your profile.

Which company owns Zili App?

Short Answer: Xiaomi Inc.

Zili App was a video editor/creator app build by Xiaomi which later on turned into a TikTok like video sharing platform where peoples share funny and short videos. Its origin country is China. Xiaomi is the company owns Zili App and this app was released to compete with Byetdance.

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  1. Wow…I never know Xiaomi develops this kind of apps. I taught it would be some random Chinese company but I haven’t guessed Xiaomi. Nice information.

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