WhatsApp Take Legal Action If You Do These Mistakes

WhatsApp Take Legal Action If You Do These Mistakes

Facebook, has decided to take legal action against those who use WhatsApp. The company has said that if a person or company misuses the WhatsApp, then violates their terms and conditions and sends a message to a lot of people, then legal action will be taken against them. Whatsapp has said is that it will take action against those who do automate or bulk messaging, which is not for non-personal, personal use.

However, the company has not provided information about what kind of action it will take. Whatsapp has made clear that their product is not for bulk messaging or for automated messaging. This statement of Whatsapp came after a report which claimed that this app has been used in the Lok Sabha elections through the clone apps.

Free Clone Apps, allows peoples to send bulk messages to other WhatsApp users. This is a cross-down, which was seen in San Francisco, last year. After which the company limited message forwarding up to only 5 people. Last year, Whatsapp was also in dispute over all the mobs lynching in India. In which, fake news was shared on the WhatsApp groups.

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