WhatsApp business is finally arrived for iOS

Facebook-owned company, WhatsApp, brought its business app a step further in India, while WhatsApp’s business app launched for iOS. Prior to that iOS beta version of the WhatsApp business was being tested for a long time.

Business app for WhatsApp is already available for Android in India. Whatsapp’s business app can be downloaded from Apple’s App Store.

Actually WhatsApp’s Business App is specially designed for business. Small or large companies can easily connect with their customers by creating their business account on WhatsAppSpace. Talk about the specialty of What’s Business Business app in which you get some special tools for Masizin. Apart from this there are also features like Quick Reply.

With the help of this app, businesses can share important information for their customers. In addition, information about the e-mail id, address and website can be given in the business account of WhatSapp’s Business Account.

Also, let’s tell you that green tick is available with the business of WhatsApp i.e. verification of the account. It is worth noting that in January this year, WhatsApp said that the number of active users of their business apps has increased to more than 50 lakhs, and during this time the company also introduced the desktop web version of the business app.

WhatsApp Business App FEATURES

  • After app verification in the app, you will have to set your business profile.
  • You will also be able to use your logo in the profile.
  • With profile photo, businessmen can also provide e-mail IDs, websites and addresses.
  • In this app, you can add a mobile number as well as a landline number.
  • However, in case of landline numbers you will have to choose Call option for verification.
  • Along with the mobile app, you can access the Whatsapp Business app in your browser on desktops and laptops.
  • Whatsapp Messenger App and Business App You can play in a single phone but the numbers must be different for both.
  • There is also the option of location sharing.

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