What is MudraPay App? How to use it?

What is MudraPay App – UPI is a revolutionary thing in the financial market of India. It allows you to transfer and receive money with no transaction fee at all. UPI stands for the Unified Payment interface and it was introduced on 11th April 2016 by the Government of India. Right after its introduction in India, many UPI apps came into existence like PhonePe, Google Pay and Paytm UPI. These apps were used to transfer money from one account to another.

What is MudraPay App?

MudraPay is an app that helps you financially by providing loans through your mobile. It provides guaranteed loans with the help of their banking partners within 48 hours after you apply for their loan. It is a very beneficial app for small merchants, as it helps you to generate invoices and receive payments online.

MudraPay app is completely based on Unified Payment Interface(UPI)and their partner as per the UPIChalega website. Transferring your money or receiving payments won’t cost you any charges. You can use this app to manage your daily expenses, and transactions.

How MudraPay is helpful for merchants?

MudraPay app is very helpful for small businesses and merchants in the following ways:

  1. Instant Loans: Small businesses and merchants sometimes need loans to keep running their business and cash flow. So, they can apply for loans using the MudraPay App from their smartphone.
  2. Send/Recieve Payments: Merchants can also use this app to send and receive payments. They can send money to their business partners and also receive money from their customers using this app.
  3. Manage Expenses: Merchants can manage their transactions and expenses through this app and monitor their growth.
  4. Generate Invoices: You can also use this app to generate invoices for receiving payments.

Disclaimer: I and Innovative Beast is no way affiliated with MudraPay, this post is just to inform you about MudraPay App. If you want any information regarding loans and payments service, please contact their support team.

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