Vivo Z1 Pro will soon launch in India, in-display selfie camera

China’s smartphone maker Vivo is going to launch its new Vivo Z1 Pro in India soon, though the company has not revealed the phone’s launch date. At the same time, it has been confirmed that Vivo Z1 Pro will be sold on Flipkart. The point here is that Vivo Z1 Pro has not been launched in any country so far. In such a way, Vivo’s Z-series’ first phone will be launched in India. The company has also released a teaser of this phone on YouTube.

Features of Vivo Z1 Pro

Taking a look at the features of Vivo’s phone, you will find an in-display camera. In this case, Vivo will be the first phone to be launched with such a camera. You will get the support of Artificial Intelligence (AI) with the camera. The company has informed about the widescreen on the phone which will be a gift for those who watch the video.

Apart from this, all day battery will be available according to the information so far. Also, fast charging support can be found with a battery. Apart from this, Vivo Z1 Pro will have a triple rear camera with AI support. You can see the Viva Z1 Pro teaser here.

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