How to View Billing History in Hulu

Do you want to know about your monthly billing in streaming Hulu, then follow this tutorial where we will teach you how to view billing history in Hulu. In this tutorial, we will guide you through step-by-step process to view billing history on Hulu. But before that let me tell you why you should view your billing history in Hulu. Well, Hulu is an online streaming service which offers variety of shows, movies and other media channels. It is available on both Desktop and Mobile. If you are not able to use Hulu in your country, I would recommend you to use Ivacy VPN and get access to Hulu.

Let’s get back to the topic, as we will be learning how to view billing history in Hulu. Follow the step-by-step guide carefully. So, without wasting any time, let’s have a look at the tutorial.

Steps to View Billing History in Hulu

1. Open Hulu App: Go to the app drawer of your phone and try to find out Hulu app. Now after finding the Hulu app click on the icon to open your Hulu app.

2. Open Account panel: In the Hulu app, you need to find out the user icon. The icon is at the right bottom side of your mobile screen click on that. You can also see it in the screenshot below.

3. Open Account Settings: Now, as you are in the Account panel of your Hulu app and you’ll get 3-4 options. In those options find the “Account” option which is right above the Settings option and click on that to open your Account settings. You can see in the screenshot given below.

View Billing History Hulu

4. Open View History: In the Account settings of your Hulu account, you’ll get Billing History section under Upcoming Charges panel. In the Billing History section, you’ll have a blue color link saying “View History“. Click on that View History Link. Refer to the screenshots below for more help.

View Billing History Hulu

5. View Billing History: After clicking the “View History“, you’ll be taken to next page, where you’ll see a table with all details of your billing history of Hulu. Please refer to the screenshot below, if you still have any issue.

View Billing History Hulu


Hulu have a very good collection of movies and show, I also enjoy watching History TV18 and HBO on Hulu. I would recommend you to use it for your entertainment. If Hulu is not available in your country then why no you use Ivacy VPN and get access to the service.

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