How to use Google Duo on Jio Phone in 2021?

Google Duo is a very popular video calling app and in this article we are sharing two methods to use Google Duo on Jio Phone. Jio Phone is already supporting video calling through the preloaded Jio Chat and WhatsApp Messenger.

Jio Phone is a feature phone offered by Reliance Jio which is the biggest mobile network here in India. Reliance Jio offers great internet speed and unlimited calling feature at a very low cost. It’s one of the major reason why Reliance Jio is widely popular in India.

So, let’s talk about Google Duo, how to use Google Duo on Jio Phone. Well there are two methods to use Google Duo on Jio Phone.

How to use Google Duo on Jio Phone?

How to Use Google Duo on Jio Phone in 2021?

Google Duo supports Web App which means you can use Google Duo on any device with an Internet Browser. Well, Jio Phone supports Internet Browser so this way you can use Google Duo on Jio Phone on Web.

Step 1: Turn on Your Jio Phone and Launch App Drawer

First of all, you need to Turn on Your Jio Phone and launch the app drawer in your Jio Phone.

Step 2: Find Your Browser and Open Browser on Jio Phone

In the App Drawer of your Jio Phone you’ll need to open the Browser icon by navigating to it and pressing the “OK” button.

Step 3: Search for Web App of Google Duo on Jio Phone Browser

In your Jio Phone browser, search for Google Duo web app in the search bar of Jio Phone Browser. You need to type “Google Duo Web App” and hit enter or OK button.

Step 4: Open the first result to open the Google Duo Web App

After you search for the Google Duo web app you need to click on the first result that you get and open Google Duo Web App.

Step 5: Click on Try on Jio Phone to Open Google Duo

Once the Google Duo website is open on the Jio Phone browser you need to click on Try on Jio Phone button. Now you can start using your Google Duo by logging into your Google account.

Method 2: Use Google Duo on Jio Phone(Mobile App)

Google duo app is available for Jio phone with the help of mobile app which is created for or the KaiOS which is the parent OS on which the Jio phone is based on.

So as the app is built for KaiOS so Jio phone users can also get benefit from it as the infrastructure of both the OS is kinda similar so so any app which is made for KaiOS can also be used for Jio phone.

Show the second method is to use the app built for KaiOS and also in your Jio phone. If the app is not compatible with the jio phone we will modify the app so it can support both KaiOS and Jio phone.

If you want us to modify then please message us on Twitter. so let’s just begin with the installation process of Google duo app on your jio phone. Follow the steps given below to get it working on your jio phone.

Step 1: Open KaiOS app store and switch to Social Apps section

First of all you need to open KaiOS app store and switch to the social apps section of the app store. So visit website and then switch to Social section.

Step 2: Find Google duo from the list or just search it in the search bar

After opening KaiOS app store you need to either search for Google Duo in the search bar or just try to find out in the list of social apps.

Step 3: Click on Google Duo and Install the app

Once you click on Google duo in the app Store a page of Google Duo will open with all the details about the app and a button says Install the App. Click on the Install App button and install the app to use it.

Step 4: Open Google Duo app and Start using

As the installation process of your Google duo app on jio phone is completed you can continue using the Google duo on your jio phone. You just need to open the app drawer and click on Google duo icon to open the app in your jio phone.

Benefits to use Google Duo on Jio Phone

1. Video calling experience much better than the native video calling feature in jio network.

2. Voice calling quality is much better than the regular phone calling.

3. Google duo comes with the Google security which is very powerful and there is no chance of your call recording getting leaked.

Disadvantages to use Google duo on jio phone

1. The one and only disadvantage to use Google duo on jio phone is is low quality video call as the processor of jio phone is not capable of processing the high quality video call which results in low quality video call. That’s a limitation.

I hope this article help you to use Google Duo on Jio phone. If you have any questions then please leave them in the comments section below. We will try to answer your questions and help with your queries as soon as possible.

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