Twitter is working on Fleets Ads, Audience Picker and more

Twitter Fleets were introduced in November 2020 which was basically Twitter’s version of Stories. People’s liked the feature as they are heavily using it right now.

Twitter Fleets Ads

According to Alessandro Paluzzi, a famous leaker Twitter will soon introduce Fleets Ads.

I was pretty sure about it from the day Fleets was introduced in Twitter. We’ve already seen this happening with Snapchat and Instagram.

Community Page

Twitter is probably working on a feature called Community Page which looks similar to a Facebook Group. People can join the communities and interact within the community. Jane Wong tweeted about it to share the screenshots.

Audience Picker

Twitter is working on a feature called Audience Picker which will allow us to tweet something for a particular community. We can choose between communities or Everyone, a great feature.

Jane Manchun Wong tweeted about this finding sharing a  screenshot showing how it will look like.

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Fleets Font Size Slider

Twitter will soon add a font size slider to increase font size while posting fleets on Twitter. Found by Jane Wong, check out the Tweet.

A lot of changes coming to Twitter which will definitely improve the user experience and help Twitter to stand out. Thanks to Alessandro Paluzzi and Jane Manchun Wong for sharing their findings.

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