Twitter removed thousands of fake accounts linked to Iran, Russia

Twitter has deleted thousands of fake accounts related to Iran and Russia, which have been used to influence and dominate political discussions on the forum.

Most duplicate accounts originate from Iran, which was revealed by the microblogging platform on Thursday. Altogether, 4,779 accounts have been removed because Twitter believes that they are either affiliated with the Iranian government or are fully supported.

The direct intervention of the spread of fake information, the use of fake names, and more than 1,600 political discussions of these accounts “benefited the diplomatic and geopolitical views of the Iranian state.”

Twitter removed thousands of fake accounts linked to Iran, Russia

Accounts tweeted two million times messages with news content, which is considered part of “platform manipulation”, which is against Twitter’s terms of service.

In addition, about 300 of the restricted accounts were focused on influencing Israel-related discussions, and 2,865 accounts were removed to use fake individuals to target both political and social issues.

While most of the accounts are of Iranian origin, Twitter has removed a handful of accounts from Russia also.

After discussions between the microblogging platform and law enforcement, Twitter believes that these four accounts were linked to the Russian Internet Research Agency (IRA), a Moscow-based entity dedicated to promoting the Kremlin’s political agenda.

In October, Twitter revealed nine million politically operated tweets related to the IRA from approximately 3,800 accounts.

In the latest sweep of the platform, Twitter’s radar was not only accounted for Iran and Russia. After spreading content related to the Catalan referendum, a total of 130 Spanish accounts have been recently suspended, and 33 Venezuela’s accounts have been removed to promote the political agenda.

Deletion of the account constitutes a suspension of 764 deleted accounts in January, which is believed to be related to a commercial entity in Venezuela.

As Twitter continues to fight the inhumane behavior and tide of fake accounts, Facebook is also facing the same challenge.

In May, the social networking giant said it removed Russian pages, accounts, and groups, which were used in two separate political campaigns to influence the preaching of military activity in Ukraine.

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