Truecaller Testing VoIP Calling Service For Premium Subscribers In India

Caller ID App Truecaller took a big decision to give a tough fight to the app like Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger. Truecaller users will soon be able to enjoy voice calling. This feature of the Truecaller is first reported by TelecomTalk. It has been said in the report that TrueCaller is currently testing for voice calling and during its testing its calling voice quality is better than Whatsapp and Google duo app.

The report is being claimed that this feature of the Truecaller is currently available only for premium users. At the moment it is also available only on the Android app. There is no information about how long it will be launching for iOS. A photo of the Voice Calling feature has also been revealed in the Truecaller, in which a clean calling button can be seen.

  1. Premium charges

Premium charges

As the company is currently issuing this feature for the premium user. It is also possible that this feature is available only to premium subscribers. If this is the case then you may have to pay the fee. Explain that the monthly premium charge of the tractor is 19 rupees, which you can take for a year with a tax of Rs 225.50. Apart from this, the Gold service can be taken for one year at Rs 4,999.

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