Top 6 Spotify Tricks for India

As, we all know Spotify is finally launched in India officially. There are some peoples, who were tired of using Spotify through VPN, when it wasn’t officially launched in India. So, You probably already installed the Spotify app from Play Store or App Store. If haven’t, why are you here, just install it now from here. So, as you installed it. Let’s talk about the Spotify tricks that you can use to make your music experience awesome.

Top 6 Spotify Tricks for India

I am sharing some of the best Spotify tricks that you will love. So, let’s check then out :

1. Transfer Playlists

As Spotify is very new in India. So, i found a lot of peoples who were asking questions like ” I use Apple Music and want to transfer all my stuff like Playlists and Favorites from there to Spotify” on social media. So, here is the solution.

There is a website called Soundiiz which will help you to get the work done. So, what you have to do is open the website and then connect to your Apple Music and then to Spotify account and that’s it. Now you can transfer the playlists, Albums, Artists to Spotify.

2. Google Maps Integration

You can integrate Spotify with Google Maps, so, whenever you go on a Road trip you can enjoy your favourite track while navigating.

This feature isn’t available by default, so you need to enable it by playing with some settings of Google maps. I made a tutorial on this :

3. Spotify x Alarm Clock

Here is another Spotify Tricks. You can even connect your Alarm clock and can set up your favourite track as Alarm ringtone. You just need the latest version of Google Alarm clock and that’s it. I made a video tutorial so, you better understand it.

4. Recover Deleted Playlists

If you somehow deleted a playlist from your Spotify account on smartphone. You can still recover it, just follow the steps below :

First go to on your desktop and then login with your account and there you’ll get an option in the sidebar called “Recover Playlists”. Just go to it and there you’ll find all the playlists that you previously deleted. Then, there select the playlist that you want to recover and that’s it.

5. Refine your search

You can easily refine your search in Spotify. For example, you want to listen track that an artist created in a timespan, then search in the Spotify app like this “Marshmallow year:2016-2019”. That’s it.

6. Setup IFTT

If you don’t know what is IFTT, then let me explain it in short. IFTT means if this then do that. You can use this feature, its quite amazing. If you enable IFTT for Youtube, then if you like any music video on Youtube it will reflect in your Spotify account.

Bonus Trick


If you were listening to a track and you don’t want your track to be abruptly end up, then this is for you. Just go to Spotify settings and there you’ll find a setting named “Crossfade”, there you can setup the fade amount.

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