Top 5 YouTube Features to improve your YouTube experience

Many of us use YouTube to watch videos on a smartphone. There are several channels in YouTube that allow users to view free music from websites and movies. The craze for YouTube and its popularity can be estimated by the fact that nowadays children from old age use this streaming video streaming app. Today we are going to tell you some secret related to YouTube that you can play YouTube videos smartly in your smartphone.

Do video from double tap on YouTube

If you are watching a video on YouTube in your mobile phone and you want it forward, you can do it very easily while double-taping it in your screen. You can also use double-tap to rewind similar video. Explain that double tap on the left side of the screen, 10 seconds behind and double tap on the right, the video starts running 10 seconds forward. With this feature you can reach the point of video in a very smart way from where you want to watch the video.

Speed ​​up YouTube video fast and slow

At times, YouTube’s video speed needs to be fast or slow. Suppose you are watching the highlight of some fun, you can eliminate the highlights of the match by increasing the speed of the video. If you are watching a scene of an action movie or a dance video then you can slow the speed of the video and see slow motion for one step. For this fantastic feature you will need to click the icon with the three-pointing icon appearing on the left side of the screen while the video is playing. After that you have to click on Playback Speed ​​and you can play YouTube video here on fast or slow motion.

Do Dark Themes like YouTube Activate

YouTube’s Bright Interface does not look good to everyone. Especially when you watch videos in YouTube at night So you can activate DarkMood on YouTube. To activate Dark Mood on YouTube in Android smartphone, you need to go to Settings in YouTube by clicking on the profile picture on the left side. After this, click here in General Settings. After that dark mode has to be activated. If you are surfing YouTube on your desktop, you will have to activate the Dark theme by going to settings in the upper left corner of your profile photo.

Watch video preview on YouTube

If you are frequently used to watching videos on YouTube, then the video is repeated several times. In such a way, you can already see some previews of the video by turning on preview. To see the preview of YouTube videos on the desktop, you have to keep the mouse cursor for a while for the YouTube video thumbnail. This will show the preview of the video. And you will learn even more about the video.

Mobile Watch YouTube Released Video

The next video button appears on the right when watching a YouTube video on the desktop. Next video is also seen on mobile. That’s where the next video option is not visible when you watch a YouTube video on the full screen on your mobile. If you drag the video down from the bottom while playing the video, you will see next organized video and you will be able to jam in the next video without coming in full screen mode.

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