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Ever wondered about those tough decisions in a cricket match? How to measure the distance of the six? What is the speed of the ball? How to check the slightest of the edges? Technology plays a huge role in modern cricket. Some technologies used in cricket are Hotspot, Hawkeye, LED wickets, etc. Here are the top 5 technologies in cricket.


The hotspot is an Infrared view of the match. This technology is used to check if the ball has edged the bat or pad. The technology behind this is very simple.

hot spot in cricket

The ground is equipped with 2 infrared cameras each on either side of the stumps. Infrared waves are temperature sensitive waves. The infrared cameras produce a kind of heat map of the field. Darker the region, colder is the area and vice versa. So, if the ball touches the bat or pad, friction occurs. With friction, heat is produced. With the heat produced, the temperature rises and the region becomes lighter in color. In this way, the hotspot is used to detects the edges in cricket.


It is the graphical representation of the impact of the ball with anything in its way. It is one of the top 5 technologies in cricket. Basically, it detects if the ball has touched anything on its way. It is also used to detect edges.


This technology is very simple. The stumps are fitted with a microphone. Whenever the ball passes by the stumps, the sound is detected by the microphone. If the ball touches anything on its way, the sound is detected and recorded. We know, every sound has its certain frequency. Similarly, the bat, pads, gloves, body parts, etc also have a certain frequency. The frequency of the detected sound is matched with the frequency of the bat, gloves, pads and body parts and further, the signal is amplified. The amplified signal is mixed with a slow-motion video to give a graphical representation of the ball. If there is a spike in the graph, it means there is something in the ball’s way. In this way, a snickometer is used to detect if the ball has knicked something.


This technology is used to detect the path of the ball. It is used to take Leg Before Wicket (LBW) decisions. Hawk-Eye gives us the line and length of the ball along with the bounce. It also provides the speed of the ball.


There is very little information available about this technology as most of the work is software-based. The hardware part consists of a 6 camera setup. 3 cameras on each side. The cameras record the ball trajectory to produce a mathematical equation. The equation is solved by the software to produce a visual representation of the ball trajectory. With the introduction of the DRS (Decision Review System) method, the importance of hawkeye has improved a lot.


Spider Cam is one of the most fascinating technologies used not only in cricket but all major sports. It is an aerial camera setup designed to provide the best viewing experience to the audience watching live sports. The whole system consists of camera dolly, winches, pullies, fiber cables, and kevlar ropes.


4 kevlar wires are tied to 4 corners of the ground. These can be tied to the roof, floodlights and even special artificial poles are used. The poles and camera dolly are embedded with winches and pullies to provide the movement of the camera in the whole flying zone(pre-decided). The ropes hold the camera dolly. The camera dolly consists of the desired camera embedded with a gyroscope. This helps to provide stability to the camera setup even during fast movement.


The transmission is done through wires. 2 of the 4 kevlar ropes have optical fiber cables. One is used for receiving the camera angle instructions and the other is used for transmitting the recorded video. The setup can travel at a speed up to 40 km/hr.


led wickets

LED wickets have added a crispy flavor to the game of cricket. The flashing bails and stumps just fill the crowd with excitement. They make decisions much more accurate.

led wickets

The system contains a set of bails and wickets embedded with microprocessors. The bails contain a low voltage battery in it. Whenever the contact between the ends of bails and the stumps is broken, both the bails and stumps start flashing. The microprocessor responds in 1/1000th of a second. This makes them near to perfect in decision making. The cost of the complete set is massive ₹25 lacs. The cost is high only because of its R&D cost.

These were the top 5 technologies in cricket. Hope you liked our post. Do share your valuable comments. Do lt us know what should be our next blog.

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