Top 5 FileBebo Alternatives in 2019

FileBebo is a great cloud storage service which is used by a lots of users. You can upload as many files as you can and also earn money from it. It was an affiliate based service where you get paid per download. From a few months, they stopped registrations of new users, due to some unknown reasons. So, in this case if you have planned to go for such service and want to earn some bucks by sharing files, then maybe you got sad. But don’t worry about it as I am here with Top 5 FileBebo Alternatives in 2019. These FileBebo alternatives will provide you free storage and also you can earn some bucks by sharing these files with your friends and colleagues.

Top 5 FileBebo Alternatives in 2019

I have explained each and everything in this list, also the list is ordered according to services and their payout rates :

1. OpenLoad

OpenLoad is one of the very popular free storage provider that serves you unlimited storage and also the opportunity to earn high with their great payout rates, you can earn some amount per 10,000 downloads/streams. Minimum Payout is $20 USD.


2. Streamango

Streamango is free video storage and streaming service that you use as a FileBebo Alternative and you can also earn money using this service. It pays about $30 per 10,000 views, if your traffic comes from the tier one countries like Australia, Canada, Italy etc. Please refer to their website for more.

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3. RapidVideo

RapidVideo is a free video and other files uploading and streaming platform that provides unlimited storage for free. They also pays some amount of money for downloading and streaming the content. You can earn few bucks by uploading and sharing files on the internet.

4. FileUpload

FileUpload or File-UP is a free storage service that pays decent amount of money per 1000 downloads. You just have to upload and then share among your friend circle. You can sign up for that easily with no investment and start earning from it.


5. Up2Earn

UP2Earn as the name indicates, shows that its a PayPerDownload(PPD) service. You just have to signup for the website and start uploading files to it. After that keep sharing them on the internet. The PPD rates are as follows :


I would recommend you to use this website, just to store your files, do not try to make them a source of income, because they are just some FileBebo Alternatives. If you want some reliable sources of income then, I would recommend you to checkout this article on

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