Thop TV App Taken Down, Developer Arrested

Maharashtra Police Cyber ​​Department has arrested an IT engineer from Hyderabad. The engineer has created a mobile application that provides pirated content on the OTT platform, over-the-top, and is alleged to be overseeing it. The action was taken against the manufacturer of Thop TV, which is available on almost all content on satellite channels along with the OTT platform and is popular among netizens.

The 28-year-old engineer’s name is Satish Venkateshwarlu. Satish was arrested on Monday from the Telangana capital. Satish has been brought to Mumbai and has been remanded in police custody for seven days.

Thop TV App Taken Down, Developer Arrested

Thop TV

According to the police, it was Satish who created the Thop TV application. Thop TV was produced two years ago. This application has millions of viewers. In particular, 5,000 paid users use the service, which provides pirated content.

Apart from Viacom 18 Media Pvt Ltd, other broadcasting companies had lodged a complaint with the Maharashtra Cyber ​​Cell against the application. It is learned that the police took action after that. The creators complained that the content we created was being telecast through this application without our permission. Users do not currently have access to this app’s server.

Subscription to this application is available from just Rs. This application has gained huge popularity through social media. On the one hand, the subscription fee of OTT platform of many popular companies is in the hundreds of rupees, on the other hand, the police have taken action against the creator of this application, which makes data available on the same platform very cheaply through piracy.

Many companies have claimed in their complaints to the police that this mobile application has caused huge financial loss to our companies. That is why the police have registered a case under sections 43, 66 and 668 of the Information Technology Act 2000. Clause 63 is the Copyright Act, the law against copyright infringement. A complaint has also been lodged under Section 420 of the Indian Penal Code (IPC) for fraud.

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