The Creative React and Redux Course by Dev Ed [FREE GIVEAWAY]

The Creative React and Redux Course by Dev Ed is now released. Finally!! I saw peoples on forums are talking about this course and I saw some peoples are telling that they really want the course to learn React. So, I thought why not do a giveaway of the course.

So, here I am going to giveaway the courses to three peoples and let me tell you that this is no way affiliated to creator of the course(Dev Ed). I am doing it on my own.

Who is Dev Ed?

Dev Ed is one of my favorite Web Dev Teachers on YouTube and I learned a lot from him through the awesome videos he make. So, I thought to write this post and encourage peoples to buy his new React course.

About The Creative React and Redux Course

The Creative React and Redux Course as the name suggest, its all about React. In this course, you’ll be learning about React and Redux. I would highly recommend you to go to and purchase this course to support this awesome guy.

How this giveaway will work?

I will pick 3 peoples for this giveaway. I will create two-three accounts or you can create your own accounts on his website and then I will pay for your courses. That’s all.

How to Participate in this giveaway?

To participate in this giveaway, all you need to do is comment below and tell me about you and why you need the course. I will pick up 3 random comments and send you an email to ask. Please revert to the email within a week.

If you don’t win the giveaway, just go to and buy the course, it’s very very cheap and support DevEd.

Note for DevEd: If you have any issues with this giveaway, or any complaints please let me know by commenting below or use the contact form. Thank you.

Disclaimer: Feature Image is taken from Original Course page. All copyrights are owned by Course Creator.

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  1. I am an engineering student from India and I have learnt html css and javascript and want to learn react for front end web development for my placements.
    Thank you

  2. I want to learn react from this awesome guy with such interesting project.
    I know its a small amount , but considering conversion rates and all that stuff, i find it unable.
    With all his youtube videos watched, if i were able, i would have happily paid even more to support this creative teacher.

  3. If it’s still on, It’d be nice to learn react from dev ed seeing I flow well with his style, but in my country $ conversion rate is really really high.

  4. I am want this course to learn React and I am high school student and I don’t have this money to buy the course

  5. I’d love to take this course! Ed is such a funny and awesome guy.
    I’d buy it myself but sadly I can’t afford it.
    Currently, I know HTML, CSS and JavaScript. My goal is to land a job by learning this technology.
    I just began learning React and I’d definitely benefit from taking his React Course.

  6. I got into web dev not long ago and have been following Ed’s videos along the way. He is by far one of my favorite instructors in the web dev community and I enjoy following along with his tutorials. As a creative I find his method of teaching suits me quite well and I’m sure this course can help take the next step in my web dev journey.
    To the person making this giveaway: Thank you for giving people the opportunity to learn and grow, while also supporting a great developer.
    To who ever gets the givaway: I hope you get the best of this course and hopefully give back to help other people too.

  7. I take up courses which a project based approach i have seen his youtube videos and in that too he straight off after 1 lec started with todo liat project thats what i like in him I would have lived to purchase the course but currently i cannot ask my parents to pay for one thats why it would be q great help Thanks.Cheers

  8. I love creating websites or maybe making it look more pleasant to look. Well, I do not know about coding and stuff, but if I win the giveaway, it would be awesome, and I can learn it, or if someone else wins it, congrats to them. Anyway, thanks for doing the giveaway.

  9. Hey! I just started web development and looking forward to learning from the best. I like his style of teaching. As I am a student, so getting a course as a giveaway would be appreciated. 

  10. I’m really into web development. I’ve been looking for react-redux courses for a while and most of them have not been easy to understand.
    This could really help me to learn more in react-redux.

  11. I really like the projects in the course, it will help improve my portfolio and i can’t buy it because i don’t have a bank account, dev ed deserve more than 20$ if i had one. Hope that i will win it, thank you

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