The All New Google Stadia is here : GDC 2019

Google unveiled Stadia at its Game Developers Conference keynote today. It’s a device-agnostic game streaming platform that runs on Chrome and is powered by Google’s data centers.

Players can simply open Chrome and start playing any game instantly, like they would a video. You can use Stadia on any PC, as long as it can run Chrome and has a high-speed internet connection. You can also run it on Chrome OS devices such as the Pixelbook or Pixel Slate, as well as Android phones. You can also play it on your TV through a Chromecast dongle.

Stadia will launch with support for 4K HDR at 60 FPS and with Surround Sound, so Google has definitely amped up its data center hardware, which it says is powered by custom AMD graphics that deliver more graphical power than a Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and a Microsoft Xbox One X combined.

Stadia is coming later this year, and Google announced many gaming partners including Ubisoft, Unreal Engine, Unity, Id Software, Havok and a lot more

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