Top 5 Temporary Storage Websites in 2020

Nowadays, we all need to share some sort of files online, we generally use E-Mail, or some instant messaging platforms like WhatsApp and Telegram. But, there are some instances where we need to send big files to multiple peoples, here comes the temporary storage websites in limelight.

In this blog post, I am going to share some temporary storage websites that allows you to store data for some time and share it to anyone. All this for free. So, what are we waiting for let’s have a look…

Top 5 Temporary Storage Websites in 2020

1. WeTransfer

WeTransfer Temporary Storage Websites

WeTransfer is a great website which let’s you upload files and share files. You can directly send that file to someone’s inbox by entering email or you can generate a link, that you can share anywhere and people’s can download it. You don’t need to signup or anything. Just visit their website, Upload and Share.

Note : You can share up to 2 GB only.

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2. TransferNow

Transfer Now

TransferNow is also a great temporary storage website. You can upload up to 20 GB and share it with anyone through an auto-generated unique link. You just need to enter an email and then you’ll get an unique link, you can also customize this link. It supports unlimited downloads. It also have a premium plan with some more features. So, go ahead, upload and share your files.

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3. is  also a very helpful temporary storage website which you can use to upload and share files to anyone. The funda is simple, you upload the file and get a unique URL and share it wherever you want. You can upload upto 15GB and 2GB per upload. You can increase this limit by buying the premium plan.

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4. Firefox Send

Firefox Send - Temporary Storage Websites

Firefox Send is an awesome tool by Mozilla community which helps users to upload and share files through a unique link given by them. The file last long for only 24 hours.  It will be automatically deleted from their servers after 24 hours. You can send upload upto 1 GB of file from this temporary storage websites. But, if you sign in to your Mozilla Account the limit will be exceeded upto 2.5 GB.

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5. - Temporary Storage Websites is also a great tool for uploading and sharing files with others. The process is same as of other temporary storage websites. You just have to click on upload button and upload file, it will immediately give you an unique URL using that URL you can share that file to anyone.

Note : It have 5 GB file limit.

Got to the website

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So, those were the best, I mean the best among the all temporary storage websites. You can use these websites for any kind of purpose that suits, it totally depends on you. BTW! Let’s give my conclusion. I loved WeTransfer and Firefox Send the most from the list. The reason is clean and awesome looking interface, No need to share any email or no signup kind of thing. Just upload and share.

Hope you guys loved this complete and detailed list of temporary storage website. If you have any suggestions or questions just leave them in the comments below and I will respond ASAP. And, Of course you should share this blog post with all your friends and followes or even with your family on social media.

Thanks for reading the post. Hope you guys found it useful a bit.

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