Tech Facts EP #1 : What happens on INTERNET in one second

In this series of TECH FACTS, you’ll get to know a lot of interesting facts that are related to Technology every week.

In this first episode of Tech Facts, we are going to discuss the things which happen on the INTERNET with every single passing second. So, let’s get started…

With every wink, what are the things that happen on the Internet? We are going to discuss all the things that get done on the internet within a second.

Tech Facts EP #1 : What happens on INTERNET in one second


1. 5,27,760 Photos are shared on Snapchat in a single second

Snapchat is a social media app that is famous for its crazy filters and other features like short video stories. Peoples share their own and other photos on this social media app.

2. “4.1 Million” Videos are watched every single second on Youtube

Youtube is the most popular on video sharing and streaming platform on the Internet, And, about 4.1 Million videos are watched within a second. Youtube is also the second most popular search engine of ṭhe internet.

3. 4,56,000 Tweets are sent in one second

4 Lakh+ Tweets are sent onTwitter, the most popular micro-blogging giant and a social media website.

4. 1,54,200 Skype calls are done in a second

Skype is chatting and video calling app/software which peoples use to interact with their friends, families, and colleagues.

5. 26,50,000 GB Data used by U.S.A. alone in just 1 second

About 2.6 Million Gigabytes of Data is consumed all alone in U.S.A. with every passing second.

6. 36,07,000 Searches are made on Google every second

We use Google search in our daily routine for many different purposes. Either it is a general search or things related to education or doubts. So, this fact may amuse you that 3.6 Million searched are done every single second on Google.

7. ₹1,80,00,000 worth of transaction is done on Amazon within a second

As we all know that, Amazon is a very huge marketplace a lot of products are available on it. So, ₹18Million worth transaction is done on Amazon in just 1 second.

8. 600 Wikipedia Articles/Pages are edited/updated every second

We all know Wikipedia, the biggest free source of information available on the Internet. And the facts are that about 600 Wikipedia Pages are edited/Published/Updated every second.

Hope you enjoyed these statistics a lot. Please let us know some other facts that we missed, and I will add them in the upcoming Episode of Tech Facts.

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