Team Soul revealed scOut and Mavi in their new lineup for BGMI.

Team Soul revealed scOut and Mavi in their new lineup for BGMI. Team Soul is one of the most Successful  PUBG team since it’s early days , PUBG fans like to see Team soul perform in tournaments. Since the release of Battlegrounds Mobile India fans are eagerly waiting for Team SOUL new lineup which are going to represent Team SOUL in the tournaments. There have been many rumors and leaks  related to Team SOUL new lineup in last few days but today finally Team SOUL revealed it’s new rosters for the upcoming tournaments through their You tube channel.

The Ultimate legacy of Team SOUL.

Team SOUL started and lead by one of the greats of the game ‘ Naman Mathur ‘ popularly known as Soul Mortal which is powered by S8UL a partnership of Team SOUL and 8bit . Since the beginning days of PUBG Team SOUL has achieved many titles and trophies and stood top among the remaining teams . Team SOUL won PUBG mobile India series 2019 where their journey started later they also won PUBG mobile club open 2019 adding one more achievement to the list they also secured 2nd place in the PUBG mobile club open Fallsplit south asia 2019. These stats clearly shows how good is Team SOUL and their roasters who are representing the Team.

New Lineup for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Talking About the new lineup which Team SOUL announced today they’ve added two big names in their roaster’s list to make it the strongest lineup of Team SOUL . Soul Mortal , Viper and Regaltose remained the roaster and will continue for the next journey with SOUL whereas Team SOUL added two big names , the two greats of the game and they are none other than Tanmay singh popularly known as Scout and other one is Harmandeep Singh popularly known as Mavi . These are the players who proved them in many big global level tournament . Scout has played for big  franchise  such as Fnatic , Orange rock , Team IND etc. while Mavi played for Orange Rock  as a IGL of the team.

Team SOUL new lineup In-Game Roles

  • SOUL Mortal – Assaulter / Support
  • SOUL Regaltose – Entry Fragger / Assaulter
  • SOUL Viper – Support
  • SOUL Mavi – In Game Leader / support assaulter
  • SOUL Scout – Flanker

These big names with these roles makes this team unbeatable and unstoppable because they have proved their gaming skills in these roles.

Here is the announcement video By Team SOUL .

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