Switching to PUBG PC Lite, Here are things you need to know

If you are the guy, who is pro in PUBG mobile and is now heading up to PUBG PC lite, you are about to change your whole perception toward PUBG as a game and community. Let me guide you through it.

New UI :

You will be now introduced to a completely new user interface, it will hardly take an hour for you to understand how it works. It is kind of similar to PUG mobile but the clickable options are placed in a very systematic way.


There is a drastic change in the gameplay of both games (LITE and MOBILE), LITE is an exact copy (to some extent) of PUBG PC,  the gameplay will be more realistic in LITE like you would complete command on your character. You’ll have to pick every item by your own, reload the gun by your own, open doors by your own and lots more.


PUBG PC Lite has both modes FPP & TPP, with little advantage in TPP mode. The advantage is you can switch between FPP & TPP while in-game only in TPP. But since you are switching to PC games I’ll recommend you to play in FPP mode, this will help you in further FPP games likes APEX Legends, etc.


Since this game is for low-end spec PC, graphics are not exactly like that of PUBG PC. LITE graphics have a slight bend towards mobile graphics, but you’ll find a lot of difference. In a nutshell, Graphics are better than mobile and gives you the feeling of a PC game.


Weapons & Vehicles:

Weapons are the same as mobile, but the recoil is the same as PUBG PC. You’ll face a hard time for at least 4 guns to control the recoil of guns. You’ll be surprised to find out that even vector and UZI have recoiled in it. Weapons skin are easily accessible, you will find yourself with at least 2 skins before ending your 1-week experience of PUBG LITE.

Vehicles are a lot different in terms of Physics in Lite, you’ll get damage if got hit by a tree, stone and opponents vehicles. Not only that you can lower your health by dragging your vehicle upside down or any fail during stunt or jump. So drive carefully guys.

Friendly Fire:

There’s a thing you need to worry about “Friendly fire”. In PUBG mobile, a teammate can kill his or her mate by any throwable, so they were safe as throwing throwable on teammates was difficult. But in LITE if your team is irritated by you and wants you dead, all he or she has to do is spray with his or her gun on you or driving on you. The other disadvantage is if you’re firing towards your enemy and friend come in the way, they will too get some damage or will be completely drained out of health.

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