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Support for Windows 10 Mobile Ended by Microsoft

Microsoft Support for Windows 10 Mobile came to an End

As previously announced by Microsoft, the support for Windows 10 Mobile is going to end from December 11, 2019. The day finally came and the Windows 10 Mobile support is considered to be unsupported from now.

Windows 10 Mobile which is the latest version of Windows Mobile OS, will no more receive updates from Microsoft. But, you can still use it with some app supports like Microsoft Office while most of the apps like WhatsApp, Facebook will stop working within the upcoming weeks.

Microsoft recommended its users to switch to Android or iOS, where their apps will continue getting new updates and great features. Also, Microsoft confirmed that Office Apps will also be discontinued after January 2021 and their support will be ended. Microsoft introduced the Windows Mobile OS with its Pocket PC in 2000. Source: Webopedia

News Source: WindowsLatest.com

Image Source: ZDNet

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