Spotify launched “Your Daily Drive” for travellers

If you feel that you are always in the car, then you are not alone. Americans log 70 billion hours behind the wheel each year, a large part of that time is spent on going from work or school. To help fly that time, stay up to date in the world around you, and maybe even rock out some timeless classics, we are excited to start your daily drive.

It’s a new Spotify playlist that combines a great news talk show, with the relevance and personality of hosts, audio streaming (on demand, personal games and search) is the best. It is relevant to the sources you respect, with timely world updates – connects everyone with a comfortable and integrated listening experience.

Spotify has launched a new personalized playlist called your Daily Drive. As you can guess by name, your daily drive is for those passengers who carry helicopter drives to work every day and go back. However, you should not be a commuter to listen to it.

Plus you can offer access to almost any song, Spotify also hosts podcasts and playlists. Some of these podcasts are personalized to you, and it contains content that Spotify’s algorithms think you’ll enjoy. And your daily drive is the latest.

What is Spotify Your Daily Drive?

Your Daily Drive contains a mix of songs and artists you like, songs and artists you have not been able to find yet, and short-form podcasts from The Wall Street Journal, NPR, and Public Radio International. All of which will be mixed together in an audio soup.

The podcast can be anything from a length of 10 to 30 minutes, but if you encounter someone who is not interested in you, then you can leave it as you would with a music track. Unlike other personal playlists, your daily drive will be updated several times a day.

American users can be revived for a personal audio feed, which mixes music and news for the right traffic experience in one place. Launch includes:

  • Short-form podcast news updates from the Wall Street Journal, NPR and PRI
  • Interface with a mix of your favorite songs and artists you can not find yet
  • Daily updates to keep both music and news fresh

To avoid music, you can avoid toggling between multiple stations, which are not very short at your speed
US users can make most of their time on the road by tuning-in on your daily drive that starts today. Make your way to the new driving hub for the car of all things.

The idea of ​​Your Daily Drive is to replicate the broadcast radio, but with the curated content for your specific interests. Spotify is not always likely to be true, but with other personal playlists, as you listen to tracks (or skip), playlists will develop.

According to Spotify, “Americans log 70 billion hours behind the wheel each year, a large part of that time is spent on coming from work or school”. Therefore, this group requires streaming services to start catering, which requires audio entertainment.

Can compete with broadcast radio?

The Spotify Broadcast Radio Experience is going to struggle to replicate completely. Broadcast radio can respond to breaking news, and can provide travel and weather updates. However, your daily drive is a good first attempt in this area.

Your daily drive is currently available to all Spotify users in the US. Unfortunately, there are no words on individual playlists creating it in other countries yet. However, you can always listen to one of these podcasts, rather than guaranteeing your traffic easier.

Source : Spotify Newsroom

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