What is Special Repository in GitHub? How to use it?

Special Repository in GitHub is a feature that is recently launched by GitHub in its latest update. It is not such a ground-breaking feature but it is definitely going to make your GitHub profile look better. It is a repository that shows up on the top of all the repositories when you visit someone’s profile page.

In this article, we are going to share the benefits of the Special Repository and how you can use this feature to get the most out of it. At last, I will share my opinion on this new feature offered by GitHub.

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How Special Repository in GitHub can benefit you?

Special Repository feature is going to benefit you in many ways, we are listing some of them.

  • Index all Projects and Repository: By using a Special repository feature, you can display or index all of your projects in one special repository to make it easy to go through all of your projects.
  • Showcase Your Project: Consider you build a big project and want to show it on top of everything, here you can do it with the special repository feature.
  • Showcase yourself: You can use Special Repository to just show up all about you. You can create a readme.md file and mention all of your social links and other stuff in it.

How to use the Special Repository in GitHub?

As of now, we already discussed a lot about this feature, we know what it is, how it can benefit us. Its time for some action, let’s understand how to use a Special repository feature in GitHub.

Please do follow the steps mentioned below to create a Special Repository and use it:

Step 1: Go to GitHub.com and login with your account.

You need to open your browser and type GitHub.com in the address bar and hit enter. After visiting GitHub.com you need to login to your GitHub account with the credentials, or if you don’t have one, then create one for you.

Step 2: Create a New Repository

After login to your account, you need to press on the ‘+’ button to add a new repository in your GitHub account

Step 3: Enter your username as Repository name

On the New Repository page, you need to enter your username in the repository name, as you can see in the image below.

Special Repositories in GitHub

Step 4: Add description to your GitHub repository

After entering the username as a repository name, you need to add a description to your GitHub repository.

Step 5: Add readme.MD file and click on Create Repository button

After adding a description, you need to tick the box says “Add readme.MD file” and then click on Create Repository button.

That’s it. Your Special Repository is now ready, you can add some info like your profile or bio in the readme.MD file in this repository to show up on the main page of your profile.


It’s my opinion time. I found this feature very helpful, as this is going to make my GitHub profile a bit more professional and elegant. I found that I am preferring to use this feature to add detailed bio on my GitHub profile. At first sight, I found Special Repository feature a bit un-necessary but after trying it, I loved it.

If you have any questions related to this post about Special Repository in GitHub then please ask in the comments below. I love to answer your questions and hear opinions.

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    Great post with helpful tips to make an effective use of special repository in GitHub.

    I really gain helpful idea through your post and also thanks for making us aware about this great feature.

    Special Repository is a helpful GitHub feature that helps users to enhance the GitHub profile look and makes it more better by providing an elegant & professional look. Using this GitHub feature will allows its user to index all the projects and also also helps to showcase & display quality project.

    Your each of the suggested steps for using special repository in GitHub are really easy to understand and follow, whereas following the steps will be helpful.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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