Samsung Galaxy M31 Waterproof or not?

Samsung Galaxy M31 is here in all its glory. Samsung is known as a flagship phone manufacturer. But, this time they did it going way out of the league. Samsung brings Galaxy M31 which is a budget smartphone but comes with premium flagship features. I would like to call it a budget yet flagship smartphone. It sounds weird but yeah that’s the truth. Samsung Galaxy M31 is the latest smartphone in the M Series, a budget smartphone series by Samsung. Peoples are asking many questions on different forums like Samsung Galaxy M31 Waterproof and Dustproof or not? So, let’s find out the answers.

Samsung is known for its waterproof phones like S9 Plus and S10 Plus, but Samsung Galaxy M31 is a budget smartphone. Before we dive into our core hard waterproof test of Samsung Galaxy M31. Let’s have a look at the specifications of this device.

Samsung Galaxy M31: Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M31 Specifications

Samsung Galaxy M31 created a hype around the smartphone market. The reason behind this hype is that Samsung Galaxy M31 came up with tons of great features in a budget smartphone. Here are some of the specifications of the Galaxy M31:

  • Battery: Battery of this phone is the main highlight and reason behind the hype. Galaxy M31 comes with a huge 6000mAh battery. It can improve your gaming experience and long hour video streaming as the battery will long-last. It comes with 15W Charging which charges the battery to 100 in just 2 hours.
  • Camera: The Front Camera of Samsung Galaxy M31 is another reason for the hyper as it comes with 32 MP selfie camera. On the Rear side, there are 4 cameras(64 MP f/2.0 Primary Camera, 8MP ultra-wide, 5MP macro, 5MP depth sensor)
  • Display: Samsung Galaxy M31 comes with FullHD+ AMOLED Display which is quite decent for gaming as well as for streaming high-quality video streaming.
  • Processor: It comes with Samsung’s very own Exynos 9611 octa-core processor, which is a decent processor but if you’re looking for high-end gaming and processing, this is not for you. Well, we tried playing PUBG Mobile on this phone and it was decent. But when we tried it in extreme settings, the game was a bit choppy.

Samsung Galaxy M31 Waterproof or not: Test

Samsung Galaxy M31


As most of the premium smartphones come up with some sort of waterproofing. Samsung hasn’t talked about any sort of waterproofing. So, whether Galaxy M31 is waterproof or not. Let’s test it out.

Warning: These tests are performed by individuals/teams under observation. Please do not try it with your own device as it might damage your device.

So, we did the full waterproof test of Samsung Galaxy M31, and here are the results:


Display Working correctly
I/O Ports Earpiece distorted with water damage
Camera & Speaker Splashproof to some extent
Underwater selfies No
Talking in rain/shower To some extent, Yes
Can withstand accidental water splash Yes
Waterproof No
Galaxy M31 waterproof ratings None found
Splashproof To some extent (non-official)
Dustproof Passed
Waterproof Failed, the screen got blank

These results are based on third party observations. Please do not perform these tests on your own device that may damage your device and you can have a financial loss.


Samsung Galaxy M31 doesn’t have some sort of IP certification. There’s no official statement on the waterproofing of this device. Yet we tried to go for it and surprisingly the phone somehow passed some sort of waterproofing and dust-proofing. The phone is capable of facing some splashes of water but for only a few extents (un-official). I will recommend you keep your device safe from water as it is not officially waterproof and you won’t get any warranty if the device gets damaged due to water.

But, while purchasing the device, you should consider that it is not officially a waterproof device. While, your device won’t get damaged with a splash of water, so don’t worry about that. Finally, I would like to conclude that Samsung Galaxy M31 Waterproof is not officially waterproof, so this phone is not waterproof.

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