How to Reset WebUI Password in Deluge?

Deluge is an open-source BitTorrent client written in a very powerful programming language Python. It is a very popular cross-platform software that is available for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It comes with very useful features and one of the awesome features is its WebUI.

WebUI helps you to use Deluge from your browser and manage all your stuff from your favorite browser. You can add and remove torrents from the WebUI by visually managing them just like normal software but through the browser. It is open source so, you can check their source code on Github.

Reset WebUI Password in Deluge

WebUI is protected with a password that you set while using it for the first time and I think you forgot your WebUI password, so let’s try to recover your password or give you access to your WebUI password.

Steps to Reset WebUI Password in Deluge:

You need to follow the steps give below, in order to reset WebUI password in Deluge.

Step 1: Stop Deluge Web UI

Before we start doing anything, we first need to stop WebUI from working. For stopping WebUI you need to open Terminal and then first enter:

systemctl stop deluged

and after that enter the following command to stop the WebUI

killall deluge-web

Now, the WebUI is stopped.

Step 2: Open Deluge Configuration Folder

Once the WebUI is stopped, you need to find the Deluge configuration folder. It is different for Windows and Linux.

For Linux, you need to check the ~/.config/deluge folder

And for Windows, you need to open Run. Press Windows Key + R and enter %APPDATA%\deluge in the Run box and hit enter. It will take you to the Configuration Folder of Deluge where you can Reset WebUI Password in Deluge.

Step 3: Edit the web.conf File and Delete pwd_sha1 line

In the Deluge Configuration Folder, you need to find out the web.conf file and then delete the complete pwd_sha1 line from the web.conf file. It will reset WebUI Password in Deluge and delete your password.

You can do it very quickly by entering the following command in Terminal:

sed -i.bak "/pwd_sha1/d" ~/.config/deluge/web.conf

Step 4: Log in with Default Deluge password

As of now, we reset WebUI password in Deluge so, now you won’t be able to use your old password to login into your WebUI. So, now you need to use the default password of Deluge WebUI which is deluge

Legality of Content

Torrent clients like Deluge which is based on BitTorrent technology are one of the best methods to share files and other stuff with other people. However, it’s no more a secret that this technology is abused by people to share copyrighted content with other people, however, we never endorse the use of such beautiful technology for such illegal stuff. If you use these tools for downloading copyrighted-content then let me tell you that it’s completely illegal. Do it at your own risk.

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