1. i’ve tried this but they keep sending me “VeriFy wItH yOuR phOne NuMbeR” they dont understand i DONT have access to my phone as i broke it and i cant log in, i keep getting notifications as my friends DM-ing me and replying to my tweets, how do i get it back- and its not taking my number for my old phone

    1. I have my phone number and I have requested a verification code but I’m not getting any text… What should I do?

    2. My account @siddiq_faheem is locked again and again trying to unlock but verify code not being recieved
      Please help to settle issue

  2. My personal twitter account created 2008 with SMS-verification active.
    After years didn’t used it, when I was trying login, I can’t because I lost my phone number.

    I contacted the support to disable my 2step verification, didn’t get any reply.
    But after a couple months I tried to login, and the 2step verification is gone, I can login and change my phone number to the new one.

    So they didn’t reply my message, but they solved the problem.

    Thanks a lot for helping me sir. Love you 😘

  3. Somebody has to come across someone who works for Twitter and ask why don’t they have customer service this is fucking ridiculous

    1. You can ask Twitter support about it. They can help you in recovering it. They will just ask a few questions related to your Twitter account to verify.

  4. They keep calling my phone with a code but it is coming from a phone number with no ID so my phone automatically restricts it and I can’t receive the call.

  5. My Twitter is locked and I can’t access it at all.. Been trying the help center thing but they telling me lock in so they can help but I CAN’T ACCESS IT ALL

    1. The same exact thing is happening to me & has been going on for 2-3 weeks. I can’t even remember how long. I don’t have access to the phone number registered with my account & never bothered to update it because I use Twitter from my web browser, usually, & on the off chance I DO use it on a phone, it’s on my boyfriend’s iPhone. I can’t use his phone number because it’s registered with a separate Twitter account. I’m highly frustrated because I can’t update my phone number in any way, I can’t delete it, I can’t change or update my email, & I’ve changed my password at least eight times trying to unlock my account since Twitter SAYS that will unlock it. I’ve sent in numerous tickets, requests, & appeals. At least twenty by now, if not more. I’ve even logged onto an alternate (smaller) account of mine just to attempt to contact Twitter support, the staff, SOMEONE, & nobody has responded to me; DM’s & Tweets didn’t work. Each time I was met with either silence, or a bot-generated response – which is the same exact issue I’ve been having while sending in handfuls of tickets, requests, appeals, etc. After waiting a small period of time for my issue to be resolved (1-3 days, usually), I’ll send in another ticket, request, or appeal & get either of these results: 1.) I am told that my case needs to be completed before I can send in a new one, or 2.) I am told that my case has been closed (with NO actual update on it from Twitter, by the way) & that I need to submit a new ticket. All in all, Twitter fails miserably when it comes to their branch of support/customer service (though I wouldn’t go as far as to call it either, considering I haven’t been able to get in contact with an actual human being who is a representative from Twitter), & I’m starting to regret ever opening an account so many years ago. Twitter is where I go to stay updated on current events, politics, news, pop culture, music, & simply browse through content that I prefer. Twitter is where I go after a long day of work when I want to wind down. Twitter is an app/site that I use to stay in contact with certain friends of mine, & I can’t even do that anymore. I’ve combed all of Twitter’s “support/help” topics, articles, blogs, posts, etc. & I’ve browsed the web searching for a legitimate phone number, or even instructions on how to contact a Twitter executive. Weeks of eagerly anticipating the unlocking of my account, or at least an email from Twitter with an actual update or useful information, has made me irate at this point. I can’t help but use that word, because it’s the truth.

  6. I’m locked and I can’t access my account without number confirmation. The said number isn’t available. How can I log in

    1. same problem. asking me for a confirmation but i have no access to my old phone number. how to fix this????

    2. It’s not working, sent several tickets but the same bot generated response. Twitter has a millions of fake account they keep on blocking and never give a second thought of unlocking. This is why authenticate accounts too get suffered. It’s not so that a company like twitter has no idea of this lost phone verification issue but either they deliberately ignore this or its a bug they still have no knowledge about, but it’s possible ility is negligible looking at the company of this repute. In any case they have to confirm that the given phone number belongs to the account but if that’s a deactivated or lost or not accessible any more by the user then what??? Why not they send verification code on given email id. Why they only send password updating link on given email id. This is just ridiculous where coders at twitter seem to have no idea how to fix this.

    3. I actually tried this method for one of my account and it worked. That’s why I shared this with you guys. I know the probability is low but still, there’s no other method.

  7. What “after successful verification after a week of time” mean? You can’t string together a coherent sentence, never mind provide useful solutions.

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