How to recover locked Twitter account without phone number?

Recover locked Twitter accounts

Are you somehow locked out your twitter account? Twitter asks for OTP which is sent on your phone number and you don’t have access to the phone. Worried about what to do now? Don’t worry about it, when I am here to recover locked Twitter account without the phone number. Th I found a lot of threads on public forums, where peoples were asking how they can recover locked Twitter account without the phone number. So, I am finally, writing this article to help all of them.

Twitter is one of the largest social media communities, which widely popular as a microblogging site. We share our daily moments and pics on Twitter, give our opinions and show our likes and dislikes by liking and retweeting other people’s tweets.

Why you get locked out of the Twitter account?

There are a few possible reasons for getting locked out of your Twitter account :

  1. Suspicious Activity: Twitter automatically locks your account, if someone else or even you enter wrong passwords many times. It is done by Twitter itself to keep your account secure.
  2. Spamming: If you do some spam activity on their platform like, tweeting or replying the same thing again and again or posting spam links everywhere.
  3. Lost Your Phone: This is one of the toughest time when you create an account and then lose your phone which is the only way to get your account back.

How to recover locked Twitter account without a phone number?

How to recover locked Twitter account without phone number?

If you somehow got locked out of your twitter and have no option left to get back your account. Then. let me help you with it. Follow the instruction to recover locked Twitter account without phone number :

Step 1: Visit Login issues help page

Visit the official Login issue help page by visiting the link above.

Step 2: Enter your @username

Enter the username(@Twitter handle) of locked account and you want to unlock it.

Step 3: Fill in the details like Email address

Enter the email address that you have been using with your twitter account.

Step 4: Explain your issue

You’ll need to explain the situation. Reason behind locking of your account and you also lost access to your mobile phone. Explain to them each and everything in the Description box.

Step 5: Submit the Form

After entering all detail, do verify the reCAPTCHA and then hit that “Submit” button.

After the successful submission, you’ll get a detailed email from Twitter and also one of their executives will unlock your account after successful verification after a week of time. So, have patience.


I would recommend you some tips that will help you to not get locked out of your Twitter account. Follow them :

  1. Do not post so many links on a repetitive basis.
  2. Do not copy-paste the same content again and again.
  3. Always use an email address in your account

Thanks for reading this article. If you found this article helpful then please share it with all your friends and followers on social media. So, they can also recover locked Twitter account without the phone number. And also on Twitter, as you’re now able to unlock your Twitter account.

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