Rajkot Police ordered Google to disable PUBG app

According to FirstPost, Rajkot Police has ordered Google asking the company to remove PUBG Mobile from Play Store in the jurisdiction of Rajkot city. This letter was actually written last month, immediately following which the Rajkot Police had banned it. On the instructions of Madras High Court, Apple and Google have come out right after removing TikTok from their store, which refused to cancel the interim ban on the app.

Ban, multiple arrests, and restrictions on public gatherings

Between March 9 and April 30, Rajkot, which imposed a ban on PUBG, was the first city in Gujarat. However the restriction can be renewed. Prohibition of Rajkot police notification on PUBG even prohibited illegal assembly of more than four people in a public place under Section 144 of the CrPC. A few days after the ban, at least seven people were arrested for playing the game publicly. The game has been banned to provoke violence, to become addictive, and distract students from studies. It is worth noting that most of the arrested persons were men and were 18-26 years old. Rajkot Police Commissioner Manoj Agrawal told FirstPost that the non-players can also be booked under Section 188 (Disobedience of a Government).

Gujarat HC remains in support of the ban

The Gujarat High Court canceled a PIL filed by the Internet Freedom Foundation against the ban last week, stating that the petition’s petition was not in public interest. Meanwhile, Bombay High Court asked for a ban in a separate public interest petition, the court had instructed the Metiwe to evaluate and review the game and if any “objectionable material” is found, take action. It is worth noting that Nepal has banned PUBG, and in Indian states it is believed to be banning the ban.

Ahmedabad banned sports on 14th March and removed it within 15 days. The city police added the ban order with the board exams and reportedly did not intend to renew the order after the examination was over. It is not clear whether restrictions are going on in Surat, Bhavnagar, Gir Somnath and Panchmahal or not. The National Child Rights Protection Commission (NCPCR) last month sought a report from MeitY on the action taken against PUBG addiction among children in the country. In Gujarat, the PUBG ban has been implemented so far when people are caught playing in public. The only way to completely restrict PUBG is to direct Google to do so. It is not clear that Google can only block games for the jurisdiction of Rajkot city.

How PUBG reacted

It seems that the gameplay sets the time frame for the gameplay, starts a “health reminder”, which pops up after 6 hours of the gameplay. A later reminder asked users if they are under 18, and it seems that some users have clicked the “yes” option, even if they say they are over 18.

Nepal bans challenge in Supreme court

Meanwhile, the PUBG ban in Nepal has challenged a group of lawyers who filed a public interest petition in the Nepal Supreme Court. He argued that restriction restricts the freedom of expression on the Internet. The Nepal Telecom Regulatory Authority had instructed all internet and mobile service providers to ban PUBG last week, while the police said that it would arrest any person playing the game.

Source : MediaNama

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