PUBG Mobile Update 0.13.5 | Season 8 | Whats New?

PUBG Mobile has released its update 0.13.5 aka Season 8 on July 16. Let’s look at some of the details and see what’s new in this update. PUBG mobile update aims to improve the gaming experience of the players.


  • The update brings a cool new weapon, PP-19 Bizon. The gun usesΒ 9mmΒ bullets, just like Uzi and UMP-9. This gun has 53 rounds in a single magazine. However, it supports only a few scopes.
  • A new Water Blaster skinΒ for Scar-L.
  • The company has also introduced the HDR Graphics option. This option enables higher graphics with brighter colors and a wider contrast ratio.Β 


  • The game comes with some cool UI changes.
  • The rating and the Tier information is now much more convenient int he Classic Mode.
  • TPP (Third Person Perspective) is available for Team Death Matches.
  • Season 8 has brought some exciting rewards too.
  • Full Season 8 outfit is available to Gold Tier players at the Gold Tier.
  • The players would also be awarded exclusive weapon finishes at the Diamond tier.



  • Special team joining effects and name tags will be available for Crown Tier players.
  • Permanent season title will be available for Ace Tier player.
  • Now more points will be given for a higher number of kills.
  • Good news! The players on or below Gold Tier would retain the Tier on Season change.

Hope you liked the post. Do let us know your valuable views on the new PUBG Season 8.

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