PUBG Mobile Update 0.12.0 Released

The stable version of PUBG Mobile is now updated to version 0.12.0 and full patch notes of what’s new in the game have been released. We already knew that due to beta updates, most of the new features will be added. However, there are some new additions to the online Battle Royale title, such as the beginning of a new evolution, which changes event mode. New Dark Night mode can be found with EvoZone, Survivor Til Don Event. In addition, some new modes are expected to be added in the future.

PUBG Mobile downgraded the server yesterday to update the game and perform maintenance activities. New 0.12.0 update can now be downloaded from Google Play Store and Apple App Store. For Android users, the update is about 475MB in size and while the App Store does not appear to update the size, the patch size is more than 150MB. Some of the major updates to the update include a new Dark Knight event where players need to avoid zombie rush by the morning to win. Unlike all other modes, all surviving teams will be considered winners.

New changes have also changed in the Don event till the Survival. Sten grenade has been updated for stun zombies and a new liquid nitrogen grenade is available, which frees enemies and reduces their speed. Human and dog zombies can jump now and there are new bodies which can climb on low walls or terraces. Take a look at the patch notes below for full details.

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