PUBG Mobile Season 8

PUBG mobile Season 8 : Top 5 changes that made it better

With the latest season update in PUBG MOBILE, the game has become more interesting and extravagant. PUBG MOBILE Season 8 brings unique features like the brand new theme, gun, and skins.

PUBG MOBILE SEASON 8 was released last week with a host of new features including outfits, weapons skins, rewards, power of ocean theme and more. The new season has already started with lots of potential in it. Here is the list of top 5 newest additions for this game season.

PUBG Mobile Season 8 : Top 5 changes that made it better

HDR Mode:

PUBG MOBILE Season 8 comes with an advantage of increasing FPS (frames per second) for high-end devices at cost of device’s battery. There is a new HDR (high dynamic range) mode. If new mode is enabled, It gives better visuals details, more detailed shadow and highlighted area thereby bringing never happened PUBG experience with soother game-play.

Rating Protection Card:

When ratings get changed new rating protection card will take effect. No ratings will be deducted while the card is active. It is only applicable to Crown tier and below. This card will really help players in protecting their ratings. And they don’t need to worry about the deduction when the card is active.

PP-19 Bizon Gun:

This new gun was first teased in the PUBG-Vikendi Snow Map game-play trailer. This is gun offers the largest magazine on an SMG. It uses 9 mm bullets and has a 53-round magazine. This new sub-machine gun can easily be a part of your weapons combo. 53 round sprayed on a single player will be more cool than reloading in front of him.

FPP and TPP in TDM (team death-match):

When TDM was introduced it was the best Evo-ground mode in PUBG. TDM offers action featuring fast-paced firefights and allow the player to create rooms with the room cards. TDM is the best way to do a warm-up before classic matches. By introducing FPP mode it, the warm-up just got extended for FPP mode too. So now TDM can be played in both the modes.

Tier Transfer:

As per new rules, Tier below Gold is transferred as it is to next season. That means no Tier deduction for the player below Tier Gold. This is not useful for players playing PUBG from the start of the season but can help those who are new to this game.

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