Best Photo and Video Editing tools for Social Media

Change is the only thing that is certain in the world of social media. Every day we can come across different content, and that amuses all of us. People are spending several hours of their day checking out social media and surfing the networking platforms in order to watch the content or communicate with other people. You will see that social media is packed with images and videos of different genres. People upload them online to share with other people.

If you are planning to become a content creator or start a photography page, then you should definitely learn about editing skills. Editing is one of the keys to your success in the long run because if you can’t edit properly, you won’t be able to bring out the most dramatic side of your photographs or videos. Editing is a skill that all photographers or videographers should learn.

So, to develop this skill, you will need a good photo and video editing software. When you search the web, you will be in front of hundreds of options. Which one of them is the best for your needs? Confused? We are here to help. We have jotted down the most popular photo and video editing apps you can use.  Use them to edit your photographs and videos before uploading them on social media!

Best Video Editing Apps for Social Media

Now that you are aware of the best photo editing apps in 2021. Let’s take a closer look at the best video editing apps that you can use.

1. InVideo Editor

InVideo - Tool for Video Editing


When we are talking about editing videos, then we cannot possibly leave out the InVideo editor. It is simple yet one of the most versatile editors in the industry. It offers high-end editing features along with very popular user-friendly tools as well.

You can now crop, create, trim, cut, and paste your videos according to your preferences. This online video editor has thousands of templates and filters from which you can choose your favorite ones and apply them to your videos.

You can add music or other audio files using the InVideo editor. If budget is not an issue, then you can surely go for the premium version.

2. Adobe Premiere Rush

Video Editing Tool

Adobe has some of the best video editors in the industry, and they have consistently helped people to edit videos in the most efficient manner. Adobe Premiere Rush was created as an alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro.

This software comes with an inbuilt camera so that you can film your content directly from it and start editing. You can choose from a host of motion graphic templates in order to make your videos even more interesting.

You can also customize and enhance any font that is there on the screen or add your own text content. Features like the picture-in-picture and split view help you bring more convenience to the table. You can even create thumbnails for your videos on this app.

3. iMovie

Video Editing with iMovie

If you are using an iOS device to edit your content, then you are already aware of iMovie, right? This software usually comes pre-installed with all Apple products. It is ideally one of the best video editing software that you can use in recent times.

The app has in-built camera integration for easy shooting. There are 14 fantastic movie trailer templates that can give your videos a whole new look.

You should also check out a whole dozen of Apple-designed filters for your videos. Slow-motion and split-screen effects, along with picture-in-picture, are some extra features.

Best Photo Editing Tools for Social Media

Using the 3 following photo editors, turn your simple photographs into breathtaking beauties!

1. Pixlr

One of the most renowned and popular editing apps that can be used on both iOS and Android, Pixlr can help you edit your photos in the most amazing manner. The app comes with a simple UI with a blend of modern design.

You can easily enhance and boost your images with the string of features that are available. The top features include color splash, double exposure, color correction, and focal blur. You can instantly adjust the saturation and color of your photos using the Photo Fix option.

Also, you can crop, resize and edit the border of your photos without too much hassle. It is free of cost and comes with plenty of other features.


VSCO is not only a photo editing app, but it can also be used to share photos as well. The tool is very easy to use and does not have any kind of complexities. That is why even beginners can use it to edit photographs. The app is user-friendly and has a fantastic UI with a beautiful menu and overall design.

VSCO comes with 10 quick and free photo editing presets, which are some of the best we have seen. You can choose to manually edit the images in order to add more flair to them. One of the best features of this app is that it allows you to edit RAW images.

The “Recipe” feature allows you to save your editing combinations and use them with just one click later on.

3. Infltr

If you love playing with filters and want to edit your images with them, then Infltr is a great app that you should check out.

The app has more than 7 million filters, and it is one of the first in its segment to have brought such features for the people out there. You have the ability to create, edit, add and tweak the filters which are present in the app.

You can edit all the aspects of your photograph that include saturation, brightness, contrast, and tint. The app is available only for iOS users for now. The monthly subscription is $3.99, and if you choose the yearly plan, it’ll cost you $19.99.

The Bottom Line

So, what are you waiting for? Visit the app store or the official website of the editors and download them on your personal devices now. All of these editors are highly rated and come with the best-in-class features and benefits.

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