Top 10 Online Disposable Chat Rooms for Group Discussion

Are you finding a place where you and your friends or colleagues can chat together without getting tracked? So, here’s I am with the solution. In this article, I am sharing some of the best online disposable chat rooms, so you can discuss a secret mission or a night out without getting tracked.

Let’s first understand, How these online disposable chat rooms work?

How do Online Disposable Chat Rooms work?

There’s no rocket science behind this. These chat rooms work in a very simple manner. When you go to these online disposable chat rooms websites, you need to firstly create a chat room, here you can choose between unlisted or secret. In unlisted mode, anyone with the link of that particular chat room can enter your chatroom and read your chats. But with secret mode, you can only enter if you have the password of that chat room.

You can also request to delete these chatrooms after you leave them.

As, you got the idea, how these chat rooms work, let’s have a look on some of the best online disposable chat rooms.

Top 10 Online Disposable Chat Rooms for Group Discussion

1. is one of the best online disposable chat rooms that I personally use. is not an open-source tool, which means you cannot check the magic happening behind this GitHub repository. It comes with a Dark and Light mode trigger. Disposable Chat website

How to use this service :

  • Visit their website
  • Choose a name and enter the chatroom name
  • After entering the chatroom name, the chatroom will be automatically created
  • When you will visit the room, you’ll be asked your name(username) and the password you chose for the chatroom
  • After entering it, you’ll be allowed to enter in that chat room.

Note: You can dispose of all your chat and messages, just by pressing a single Dispose button. Your data will be immediately deleted from the servers. There will be no traces of your weekend party discussion or a secret meeting.

Go to

2. is one of the oldest online disposable chat rooms providers. As we always say, “Old is Gold”. is not much privacy concerned. Your chats and even the password of chatrooms are not encrypted in any way. While setting up passwords, be careful, because the password will be visible in URL as well as in source code.

BTW! The chatroom automatically gets disposed within 2 minutes, after the last person leaves the chatroom like it never existed.

Online Disposable Chat Rooms

How to use this service :

  • Visit their website
  • Enter Room Name
  • Enter room password(Do not use regular password)
  • And click on Chat and start chatting

Note: You don’t need to dispose of the chats they will be automatically disposed of, if idle for more than 2 minutes. You can read the about page for more info.

Go to

3. is a private chatroom service. It has numerous amount of features. You can control the lifetime of a chatroom, which means the chatroom will be deleted after a limited time which is set by you. You can also control the number of members that can join the chatroom. This chatroom service is totally secure and encrypted.

How to use this service :

  • Visit the official website here
  • Enter the name of the chatroom and fill all the optional fields in case you want them
  • Next, you’ll be asked your password and username
  • Now you’re in

Chat will be automatically deleted after the time you entered at the time of creating the room.

Go to

4. Hack.Chat

Hack.Chat is a secure chat service that can be used to discuss something important. This chatroom service works in a different way. You just need to go to and start chatting. Replace the yourchannelname with a secure name. Hack.Chat doesn’t store anything on their servers.

Go to

Online Disposable Chat Rooms

5. is an online disposable chatroom service that helps you to discuss your secrets. You can create public chatrooms and join existing ones. You’re completely anonymous there. No one knows, who are you. For using the service go to official website and then enter chatroom name and click on join. Next, you’ll be asked for a nickname, you can enter any random word.

If you have a website on WordPress then you can use their plugin to embed the chatroom within your website.

Go to

Online Disposable Chat Rooms

6. ChatCrypt

ChatCrypt is a hacker-themed online disposable chat rooms service. You can create a chatroom and add a password so that the peoples have the password can only access your chatroom. After creating the chatroom share the password and room id with the peoples you want to chat.

Go to ChatCrypt

ChatCrypt - Online Disposable Chat Rooms

7. Stinto is yet another disposable chat website but with some good additional features like media sharing and dark mode support. It allows you to chat openly and share media files with the members of the chat. Along with that, it supports dark mode and that’s a great feature.

Go to Stinto

Online Disposable Chat Rooms Online Disposable Chat Rooms

8. is a popular Online Disposable Chat Rooms which is very simple in the interface. It is just for chatting with your friends and team members. However, you cannot use it to share media files with your friends, it only supports chatting with text. On this website, you don’t need to disclose your name or identity.

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Online Disposable Chat Rooms

9. Chattory

Chattory is a multifunctional Online Disposable Chat Rooms website. It creates a random chatroom on visiting the website and allows your friends to join with the help of the unique id of your chat. It gives you a unique link to your chatroom that you can share with your friends to join the chatroom.

Go to Chattory

Online Disposable Chat Rooms

10. Chatzy

Chatzy is a very popular disposable chat app which helps you to create your private disposable chats. It helps you to create chat rooms and invite your friends through email and join with you for all your important discussions. You can checkout their privacy policy for secrecy of your chats and other data.

Go to chatzy

Online Disposable Chat Rooms

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