NZBgeek Hack: Breached Passwords and Credit Cards

NZBgeek is a very popular community-based indexer of Usenet posts. It is run by using the Newznab Interface. NZBgeek provides paid and free services for its own users, plus so they truly have been reasonable to think about.

On the evening of 27 December 2020, NZBgeek announced that they got hacked and the following details of their users are breached in this hacking attack on their community website:

  1. Username
  2. Encrypted passwords
  3. Email Address
  4. Credit Card Numbers

How this Attack was Performed?

According to the announcement post by @Dangerous_Mummy and @jeeves in their Discord server, this attack and data breach happened because the attacker installed a Keylogger on the website of NZBgeek.

@Dangerous_Mummy written:

@everyone Geeks, it’s with a heavy heart that we must admit that we have had a breach. If you have recently used your card or payment with us we suggest changing your credentials and card info as soon as possible. We still don’t know the extent of the damage but are working to find out and give our members the details as they become available.

@jeeves written:


Hey Geeks,


If you have used your card with us since the 20th November 2020 please take appropriate action.
This includes reporting it to your card issuer as this protects you from any unlawful charges.

What We Know:

The hackers were able to place a keylogger on the website.
The hackers obtained a copy of our database which includes your username, encrypted password, email address & last connected ip address.
During this time we had the hard drive on our indexer fail along with an api server.
PayPal data is not at risk provding you do not use the same username/password for NZBgeek.

Advised Actions:

If you use the same userame/password combination on any other website please change them.
You should use 2FA/two factor authticaition with all your online accounts.

Current Situation:

We have everything offline except for the API while we have external help to investigate.
Additional updates will be made here on discord, including what changes to expect moving forward.


It is one of the major data breaches because the payment information is breached and is available in the hands of attackers.

What actions users should take?

  1. If you use the same password on multiple accounts, immediately change the passwords of all your accounts
  2. Contact your credit card provider and block your card to stop further unauthorized transactions
  3. Use 2FA on all of your websites/accounts whenever possible.

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