MS Dhoni PUBG ID, Stats, Achievement, K/D, in-game Name

MS Dhoni PUBG ID, STATS, and Player Name – Mahendra Singh Dhoni is popularly known as  MS Dhoni. The Great striker of the bowl, the world’s best finisher, India’s most successful wicket-keeper by a number of dismissals, India’s most successful captain across all three formats of the game. We all are familiar with tales of MS Dhoni’s prowess on the field. MS Dhoni along with sports love to play mobile games like PUBG, so here we are to tell you what is MS Dhoni PUBG ID and in-game Player name.

PUBG Mobile is one of the main battle royale games on the versatile stage. The well-known game has pulled in a large number of players around the world, with numerous expert competitors across various games likewise taking a stab at it.PUBG Mobile has gotten very mainstream among Indian cricketers. The ex-Captain of the Indian cricket team Dhoni, MS Dhoni is one of the most productive Indian batsmen and wicket-keeper and is an active PUBG Mobile player. He’s not by any means the only Indian cricketer who is attached to the Battle Royale sensation. Players like Hardik Pandya, Kedar Jadhav, Kuldeep Yadav, MS Dhoni, Rishabh Pant, Shikhar Dhawan, and Yuzvendra Chahal have all been spotted playing the game also.


MS Dhoni  PUBG Mobile ID

MS Dhoni PUBG ID is 5583657745, and his in-Game Player Name is BTS・RïpPèr

Here we just have a look at the MS Dhoni PUBG Main menu view how it looks, Popularity, RP, Achievement points, Profile like and all.

After looking to his main menu we get to know certain things about his PUBG Mobile ID These are-

  • Popularity- 5266.3k (As of now)
  • IGN- BTS・RïpPèr
  • RP- 100
  • Achievement Points- 4315
  • Profile likes- 2678
  • Clan Name- BeThereSoon (BTS)
  • Evo level- 46

His Profile Picture in PUBG Mobile.


MS Dhoni has achieved many Honors in PUBG Mobile here is a glimpse of it.

He has Achieved 4,315 Achievement Points till now which includes many Glorious moments, Honors, social, and much more.

  • SMG Mastery V
  • Perfectionist V
  • Perfectionist IV
  • Pistol Mastery V

Tier Preview

In the current season, i.e (Season 14) MS Dhoni has Reached Crown III in the squad with 3989 Points, Platinum II in Duo with 3052 Points, and Bronze III in Solo with 1400 Points. As MS Dhoni doesn’t play solo and duo much he primarily focuses on squad matches.



In the current SEASON i.e. (SEASON 14) till Now MS Dhoni has played a total of 342 matches in the Squad with an excellent record of 60 wins and 226 times in the TOP 10. In these 342 matches, he secured a total of 904 kills and had a 2.64 K/D Ratio. And all the minor details you get to know in this picture.


Getting Started with PUBG

Dhoni has started playing PUBG Mobile from season 8 and also in this season he holds an outstanding record. Let’s have a look at the detailed statistics of SEASON 8 when MS Dhoni started playing PUBG Mobile.

As we can see above MS Dhoni has played 401 Classic Matches in season 8 and had a great record in it with 41 Wins and holds a position in the TOP 10 position for about  200 times. In this 401 matches, he secured 1560 kills and a K/D of 4.20. You can see all the minor details about MS DHONI PUBG ID AND STATS in the above picture.

So this is all about the MS Dhoni account. As he is not so active on social media but at once he shared his photo playing PUBG and tweeted about it.

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