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Are you tired of entering your email address in every other website to create an account? Then, Let this problem go, by using Mohmal Fake Email Generator.

Mohmal Fake Email Generator generates a fake/temporary email address that you can enter while signing up an account that you’re going to forget after creating.

So, next time if you’re signing up for a temporary account then use Mohmal Fake Email Generator to use a temporary email in your account. If you are a privacy concern person, then this is best for you.

If you don’t know how to use it, then follow the steps below:

Steps to use Mohmal Fake Email Address Generator

Steps to Use Mohmal Fake Email Generator:

Step 1: Go to Mohmal website

Open your web browser and enter and hit enter to reach Mohmal Fake Email Generator

Step 2: Choose an email of your choice or random one

On visiting Mohmal website, you need to choose between Random or an Email of your own choice.

Step 3: Enter username of your choice

If you selected “Choose” option then enter the username to create an email.

Step 4: Choose Domain for your email

After entering custom username choose domain for your email from the given list and click on “Create”.

Step 5: Click on Generated Email to Copy and Use

After clicking on create the email will be available to use, on clicking the generated email, it will be available to paste anywhere. The temporary fake email from mohmal is available for next 45 minutes. You can change or renew the timing by using the given options.

Some Alternatives of Mohmal

  1. TempMail
  2. Mailinator
  3. EmailonDeck
  4. GuerrillaMail
  5. 10MinEmail


Mohmal Fake Email Generator is a great temporary email service. I am using it from last few years to create temporary accounts on different websites. It is free of cost and you don’t need to pay a single penny for it. Its domains get banned sometimes, so if some website is rejecting just try another domain, their domains are getting updated regularly.

Warning: Do not use it for illegal practices, you’re solely responsible for it. This article is only for educational purposes.

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  1. My account was banned without a reason I don’t know why it just got banned I had that account for 1 year

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