Mi Play : Does it really deserve the brand “Play”?

Xiaomi’s new Mi Play series is here and well we have the first me play smartphone with us right here in all its glory but I’m not sure it’s as glorious as it sounds.  Let’s talk about it in this post
Here’s the first look at Xiaomi’s new Mi Play smartphone and you probably have an idea what I think about this device.
Here’s the new Mi Play, I remember when Xiaomi first announced this device I was pretty much excited because I thought it’s a gaming smartphone. Since they are all the rage these days and I’m pretty sure a lot of you guys must have thought the same.
Mi Play
I mean Mi play it obviously seems like a gaming smartphone well as it turned out to just your usual budget smartphone. Apparently, aimed at the youth with its fancy colors and does the “Play” branding, yeah this is no gaming phone.
Anyway, I would have been ok with the Mi Play had this be a good budget smartphone but is it a good budget smartphone. Well spoiler alert, it’s not.  I’m sure you must have gotten this from the title of this post. But, yeah this is not a great budget smartphone.
Mi play has its positives a few of them. First of all, I love the design of this phone. It’s super compact, super lightweight and I just love holding this phone because it’s so comfortable.
Mi Play Back
This is a good looking smartphone, for no doubts about that it’s not glass instead it’s plastic that looks like glass. The fancy color and the finish here really give the phone a sort of a premium look. The 5.8 inch IPS LCD display which is just as good as it gets in this price range. With the teardrop notch, the device just looks modern.
So, there is the design and the display on the Mi play are great. But that’s pretty much it when it comes to positives about this phone. Everything else about this phone is rather average or as you know below par. That’s mainly because of the price the problem with the Mi Play. Mi Play is priced at 1100 yuan in China which is 100 yuan more than the Redmi Note 7.
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