Korea made its own PUBG in Korean language

Korea made its own PUBG in the Korean languageAs we all know that PUBG is getting more popular day by day and also PUBG sending more and more updates.

According to Tencent Gaming,30 million people plays PUBG PC  and about 10 million people play PUBG mobile.

Then Korea also launches PUBG mobile in the Korean language with some extra features.

This update also good for those people who buy Royal pass in the game.

Some people can’t buy Royal pass due to the high cost but the Korean version PUBG has an economical price.

You can easily buy the Royal Pass in PUBG, its cost is near about 85 INR with some extra costumes and weapon skins and also new skin of vehicles.

There are no more changes in gameplay just added some new skin and getting the low price of Royal pass.
You must try this version, you should download this version from google or any other browsers.


    1. The zombie mode will let you kill several zombies to attain the highest scores

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