Kali Linux Alternative for Windows – Commando VM

Kali Linux Alternative for Windows : Commando VM – After a huge success of Kali Linux, Many companies have started working on Linux Distributions to be used for Penetration testing and forensics. But a small hurdle is that all these distributions are Linux based. Don’t know about Kali Linux?  Make sure to check out the post on What is Kali Linux?

However, if anyone prefers to use Windows as an operating system, you may notice there is no worthy platform for it. Although, you can virtually install Linux distributions on your system using a virtual box or VMware player, we have a detailed tutorial for that, which you can checkout here.

Commando VM – Kali Linux’s Alternative


Many times testers commonly use their own variants of Windows machines when assessing Active Directory environments. FireEye has now released its Windows distributions named Commando VM, which is kind of Kali Linux alternative on Windows. Commando VM installs as a layer on top of your Windows Installation.

Commando VM include native support for Windows and Active Directory, using your VM as a staging area for C2 frameworks, browsing shares more easily (and interactively), and using tools such as PowerView and BloodHound  without having to worry about placing output files on client assets. ~Source

The VM  uses Boxstarter, Chocolatey and MyGet packages to install all of the software. Includes more than 140 tools including Nmap, Wireshark, Covenant, Python, Go, Hashcat, Sysinternals, Burpsuite and many more. Bundled with auditing tools and library of offensive tools, this will keep you up to date with offensive tooling and trends.


Commando vm installation

We recommend using Commando VM on a virtual machine. This will eventually ease the deployment and provide the ability to revert to a clean state prior to each engaging operation. You can easily create a virtual machine by following various tutorials over the internet.

However, the recommended space for Virtual Machine’s installation would be to give 60GB of hard drive space and 2GB of memory. Commando VM is compatible to be installed on Windows 7 Service Pack 1 or Windows 10.

Although it’s pretty much a new distribution in the market but looks quite promising as well. Most of the users prefer to use Kali Linux as their distro but it’s not that bad to give another a try as well.

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