Is OGYoutube App Really Safe?

Is OGYoutube App Really Safe? – In the MOD market, there are tons of modded apps of Youtube that are available like Youtube Vanced and others. These are not official apps but developed by developers of these MOD Communities. OGYoutube (Not Safe) is another youtube mod app developed by the cool guys in OGMod Team. The modded versions of these apps provide different types of additional features.

OGYoutube was firstly introduced in 2013 by the OGMods team on the XDA Developers Forum. It was one of the most popular YouTube Mod apps back then.

Now, Let’s talk about whether using OGYoutube App Really Safe?

Is OGYoutube App Really Safe?

OGYoutube is not an official app from YouTube, so security is always a concern if you use any third-party mods. It doesn’t work on the Google Play Services, you need to install a third-party app called MicroG, so then you’ll be able to login to your YouTube account in OGYoutube App.

Warning: OGMods stopped support for OGYoutube app, so there are many duplicates and malicious apps are getting circulated. Beware!!

OGYoutube is not really safe because the support has been ended and continuing to use it may compromise your privacy. I won’t recommend you to use this app until the team itself continues the support. Until, if you want to enjoy ad-free Youtube and also the premium features, then download the vanced app from XDA Developers Forum Page.

Note: I do not support the use of modded applications of Youtube as it violates the Terms of Service. It may result in permanent ban on your Youtube account. Such apps can also harm your device and may compromise your personal data and steal your credentials. To enjoy Youtube ad-free, try out Youtube premium for 30 days for free.

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