How to Install vim Editor on Linux Mint

I want to be completely honest with you that Linux Mint is my most favourite operating system (OS). I love the simplicity and easiness in use of the Linux Mint.

Linux Mint is a community build Linux distro based on Ubuntu and Debian. It comes with many useful pre-installed free open-source softwares(FOSS). It include multimedia softwares and web browser(Firefox).

Linux Mint was initially released on 27 August, 2006 by Clément Lefèbvre, Jamie Boo Birse, Kendall Weaver, and the community.

What is vim Editor?

Vim Editor which stands for Vi IMproved is a text editor for Linux Mint which help you to create and edit text files include (.html/.php/ etc). vim Editor is based on the popular vi Editor.

vim can be used in command line interface(CLI) as well in Graphical User Interface(GUI). Vim editor was developed by Bram Moolenar.

In this tutorial we are going to install vim editor on your Linux Mint PC. Installing vim editor on Linux Mint is very simple and easy process, follow the steps below:

Steps to Install vim Editor on Linux Mint:

Step 1: Open Terminal

First step to install vim editor on Linux mint is to open your terminal.

Step 2: Enter the following command in Terminal

Next, you need to enter/write the following command in your Terminal to install vim editor on Linux Mint:

sudo apt-get install vim

and hit ENTER.

After entering this command the vim editor installation will start and all the packages will be downloaded and installed automatically.

How to use vim Editor on Linux Mint?

You can use vim Editor from both command line interface in Terminal and Graphical User Interface.

To use in command line interface you need to use following command:

vim index.html

This command will create new file or edit the existing file(if exist).

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    Awesome post as usual. Glad to say that you have provided helpful tips to install VIM editor on Linux Mint.

    Vim Editor is a helpful text editor that allows to create & edit html, php text files in Linux Mint. Your each mentioned steps are so clear, easy to understand & follow. Following the steps will be helpful for several users.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such a helpful post.  

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