Instagram is coming up with Public Collection feature

Instagram is one of the Most popular social media apps out there. It is used by big celebrities, influencers, photographers, marketers and pretty much everyone.

Few years back, this app launched Instagram Story, a copy feature of Snapchat. Now, they are goinh to provide a feature, on which Pinterest, a photo collection website. It will be a direct competitor of Pinterest through this feature.

Instagram launched the feature of Private collection of images and posts. But now, they are going to launch a Public collection board feature where peoples can contribute to public collection boards same as in Pinterest.

Instagram is coming up with Public Collection feature

One of the Android developer at TechCrunch, tried to reverse engineer the code of Instagram and managed to get the prototype of the interface. Following are some screeenshots of it :

Instagram Make Collection Public

Pinterest is now going to get a huge competition from Instagram. Two years ago, same happened with Snapchat. When Instagram copied them and added stories feature, Snapchat got a huge competition from Instagram. After that, Snapchat’s growth reduced by total of 88%.

Peoples can use this feature to curate other’s content and share it under their name. They will make collections of their favourite meme’s and other contents.

It’s not available to the public, but from the Instagram for Android code, they were able to generate a screenshot of the prototype. It shows the ability to toggle on public visibility for a Collection, and tag contributors who can also add to the Collection. Previously, we were only able to collect the posts and other content privately through the Instagram save feature launched in late 2016.

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