How to Import PPT into Google Slides?

Are you not capable of paying huge some to buy Microsoft Office Powerpoint? Then Google Slides is the best alternative for you. The best part about Google Slide is it’s free of cost. You can use them when and wherever you want either it’s your mobile or PC. Let’s consider a scenario, you got a PowerPoint presentation from your BOSS or professor, that you need to open. But you don’t have MS Powerpoint on your PC or phone, then Google Slides comes in play. In this tutorial, we are going to teach you, How to import PPT in Google Slides.

Let’s have a look at this step-by-step tutorial.

Steps to Import PPT into Google Slides:

Follow these steps carefully, to import the PPT file into Google Slides without having any issue.

1. Save the PPT file to your PC

Before we begin the process of importing the PPT file in Google Slides, you need to save it on your PC.

2. Open Google Slides in your browser

You need to open Google slides in your browser by going to website. It will open the website on your PC.


3. Create a new presentation in Google Slides

Now, in Google Slides you need to create a new slide so that we can import our PPT file.

Create a new slide - Import PPT GOOGLE SLIDE

4. Go to File>Import Slides

After creating a new slide, you need to go to File>Import Slides from the header menu.

CLick on FileIMport Slides - IMPORT PPT GOOGLE SLIDE

5. Upload your PPT or PPTX file

Now, you need to upload your PPT or PPTX file that you want to import here.

FilesChoose your PPTX file - Import PPT to Google Slides

6. Choose All to Import PPT into Google Slides

After uploading the PPT or PPTX file, it will ask you which slide of that presentation you want to import then you just need to click on All button and then click on Import Slides.

Select All Slides

Hooray! Your PPT file is now successfully imported to Google Slides.

Now, you have successfully imported the PPT file into Google Slides. Now, it can be imported in any other format like JPEG, PNG, PDF, etc.

Steps to download Google Slides in any other file format:

  1. Go to File>Download
  2. Choose any of the file formats
  3. Enter the name of the file
  4. Click on save

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