Huawei delays the launch of Foldable Smartphones after Galaxy Fold issue

Huawei has confirmed today that it is delaying the launch of its Mate X foldable smartphone from June to September for quality assurance purposes.

A spokeswoman for Huawei said that Chinese smartphone makers are becoming more “cautious” after some reviewers have experienced issues of shameful performance with Samsung’s foldable smartphone, Galaxy Fold. “We do not want to launch a product to destroy our reputation,” the spokesman told CNBC.

Samsung delayed the launch of the Galaxy Fold in April and, planned to announce the date of a new release in “In the coming weeks”. – CNET

Last month, the Trump administration added Huwai to business blacklist on alleged national security concerns, allegedly forcing US companies to not do business with Chinese security and telecommunications giants. However, Huwai executive said: Supply chain issues are not behind the delay.

Huawei is instead partly postponing the sale of Mate X to improve the quality of the screen’s folding screen, said Vincent Peng, a senior vice president of Huawei at the Wall Street Journal Tech Conference in Hong Kong.

Following the ban, Google’s parent company Alphabet had previously said that it will not give Android license to Huawei for its smartphone after 90 days of reimbursement given by the US government in August. In this incident, Peng said that Huawei’s own Hong Kong operating system may be ready at the beginning of next year.

According to Reuters, Peng said, “Our priority will definitely be Google and Android because we have been partners for many years.” “But if circumstances force us, then we can roll out to Hong Kong in six to nine months.”

It is not clear whether Apple will ever release a folding iPhone, but it has certainly detected the idea in the patent. The technique is not cheap, Huawei is expected to start with $ 2,600 in the United States with Mate X, and is clearly not without its issues as clearly as the conflicts of Huawei and Samsung.

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