How To Use WhatsApp Without Revealing Real Number

There are some instances happens when you need to share your number to chat with some stranger on WhatsApp. And, If you’re privacy concerned person like me, you will find it awkward. So, lets keep this awkwardness away and use whatsapp without revealing real number. For doing this you need to follow the steps, I am sharing below…

So, without any further ado. Let’s get started…

How To Use WhatsApp Without Revealing Real Number

To use whatsapp without revealing real number, we will need two apps :

  • Parallel Space[Do not install, if your phone have by default]
  • Primo : Well, Primo is an app that generate a U.S. number for free.

Please install the above app before starting the tutorial. As you have installed both apps, you’re now ready to follow the steps below.

Step 1 : Create a clone of WhatsApp

Open the Parallel Space app, that you just installed and create the clone of it. After creating clone, open the cloned WhatsApp. Start creating a WhatsApp account. It will ask for a number.

Step 2 : Create an Account on Primo

Open Primo app that we just installed. You need to create an account in it, and do verify your real phone and email address. After that the app will open, and there you need to slide from the left and tap on “Add a phone number”.  Now the app will generate a U.S. number for you.

Step 3 : Now Enter the same number in clone WhatsApp

Now again, go to the cloned whatsapp and enter the generated U.S. number. It will send you a usual verification code which you can get from the Primo app and enter it in the WhatsApp, and boom. Now you’re ready to use WhatsApp without revealing real number.

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Watch this Video tutorial by Jay Kapoor, to see this thing in action 🙂

You can share the new virtual WhatsApp account number and chat without concerning about your privacy. Hola!

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