How To Search Twitter by Video Only?

If you are looking for a way to search Twitter by video only? Then this guide will definitely help you and get your problem solved.

Twitter is a lovely micro-blogging platform, that I use it to share important updates regarding Tech and other personal things. On that note, you can follow me on Twitter.

So, you wanted to search Twitter by video only. This feature is available on Twitter by default on both Desktop and Smartphones. Let’s have a look at how we can use that feature.

How To Search Twitter by Video Only?

The Following method is same for both Desktop and Smartphones :

Step 1: Open or App

Open on your Desktop browser or Twitter App on your Smartphone.

Twitter Homepage

Step 2: Search in the Twitter Search Box

Try searching for something like “technology” in the Twitter Search Box.

Step 3: On the Search results page, Click on Videos Section

Now you can search for videos that are uploaded by Twitter users on Twitter with that keyword in Tweet.

Twitter Video Search


Twitter is a great platform, and peoples share a lot of things along with great videos. This feature makes it easy to search for all the videos that are tweeted on a particular topic. This feature can be useful if you are looking for something very specific or gathering information on a piece of specific news that is coming out from different sources along with their videos.

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Thank You for reading. This article is written by Abhishek Verma, you can follow him on Twitter and also follow InnovativeBeast.

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