How to Save Google Map as PDF File?

Google Map is very helpful tool offered by Google. It helps us to find places and routes while traveling somewhere and it help us to guide throughout the journey.

It is also helpful to businesses like Uber and Zomato to find the address of their customers and deliver the ordered food item and reach your destination.

Google Map offers a lot of APIs in their Google Business Suite plan that helps businesses as well as individual developers to create their apps and softwares and integrate Google Map in it.

I personally used Google Map API recently to make ISS position detector web app that shows realtime position of International Space Station on Map. I will be releasing it publically, follow me on Twitter to know about it.

Now, let’s get back to our topic, How to Save Google Map as PDF File. Before I tell you the steps to download or save Google Map as PDF File, let’s have a look how we can use it after making it a PDF file:

Advantages/Uses of Google Map PDF File

You can you the PDF File of Google Maps in many ways, some are listed below:

1. Projects and Assignments: If you’re a college going student, you get a lot of projects and assignments from your teachers/professors. Consider you need to make an assignment on a historical place and you need to show the current geography of that place, you can then use the Google Map PDF in the assignment and project.

2. Teaching: If you’re a teacher, and want to explain about a particular place to your students then you can grab a PDF file of Google Maps of that place and print it to show it in your class during lecture to make your student understand the topic in a better way.

If you have some more use cases of the Google Maps PDF let me know in comments section, I will update the post and give you credit for that.

So, let’s continue to the methods to save Google Map as a PDF File.

Steps to Save Google Map as PDF File:

Step 1: Open Google Maps Website

First of all open the Google Maps website by visiting in your choice of browser(Google Chrome recommended)

How to Save Google Map as PDF File?

Step 2: Search Your Place on Google Maps

After opening the Google Maps website in your favourite browser, you need to search for the place whom PDF file you want to make. Like, I searched for Google Office in Gurgaon for this tutorial.

It will then take your pointer to that particular place and show some additional detailed related to that place.

How to Save Google Map as PDF File?

Step 3: Open Side Menu and Click Print Option

After searching for your place you need to open the side menu and from the options given you need to click on Print button.

How to Save Google Map as PDF File?

Step 4: Add Comments and Click on Print

After clicking on Print option from the side menu, now you’ll get a page for Google Maps where you can adjust your MAP and add some comments before saving the MAP as PDF and then click Print button.

How to Save Google Map as PDF File?

Step 5: Choose Save as PDF and Hit Print Button

After clicking the Print button on adding comment it will open up the default Print page where you need to select Save as Microsoft PDF and click Print button.

Boom! It’s done now, You successfully save Google Map as PDF File.


Google Maps is one of the best gift of Internet to us, as it is very helpful in our daily life.  However, when we save Google Map as PDF file, it is very helpful in making projects and teaching your students.

I hope this tutorial helped to save Google map as PDF file. If you have any doubts let me know in comment section, or you can join our forum.

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Thanks for reading the tutorial to save Google Map as PDF file.

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    Awesome post as usual. You have provided great tips to save Google-Map as PDF file. Your each mentioned steps ( including images ) are so clear and true enough to understand. Following the steps will helps a lot.

    Yes Google-Map is really a helpful tool & guide especially during any travel journey. Using this 
    tool will helps in finding places & also allows to identify the traveling routes. According to me 
    Google-Map is a perfect guide to reach any particular destination.

    Eventually thanks for sharing your knowledge, ideas and such a helpful post. 

    1. Yeah we use it in our daily life. However it is also a very helpful tool for companies like Ola, Uber, Zomato etc.

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