How to run Ads on Hotstar?

Over-the-top (OTT) services are booming in the Indian Media and Entertainment industry. Services like Hotstar, Zee5, and Voot are providing on-demand entertainment through the Internet. Hotstar is the OTT giant of India with more than 300 million active viewers across the country. Peoples use Hotstar to stream live cricket, movies and their favorite TV shows. The service is available on both mobile and desktop. As it’s a huge market, so peoples run ads on Hotstar and this is how the service make money along with their premium plans.

If you ever wondered about, how peoples run ads on Hostar, then here we are going to show you “How you can run your own ads on Hostar?”

Hotstar recently launched its new platform Hotstar Adserve for Brands to run Ads on Hostar on their own. So, lets have a look at the process of showing ads on Hostar.

How to run Ads on Hotstar?

Follow the step-by-step tutorial shared in this video below:

Steps to run Ads on Hotstar:

Step 1: Open Hotstar Adserve website

Go to website which is an official website of Hotstar which provides a platform for ad serving.

Step 2: Sign-in or Sign up for an account

You need to login to your account or sign up for a new one if you don’t have one.

Step 3: Create a new campaign

After logging into your account you need to create a new ad campaign by clicking on “Create new campaign” from the sidebar.

Step 4: Setup Your Campaign

You need to choose the ad type and fill out the details of the audience you want to target like their demographics, age, budget. You can also select where you want to show your ad and which type of streams like its cricket, tv shows or general ads. You need to upload your ad video that follows the standard set by Hotstar.

Step 5: Submit your campaign for review

After adding all the details of your campaign you need to submit it and it will go under the review of the Hotstar team. Until the review completes you don’t need to pay anything from your bank.

Step 6: Complete the payment

After a successful review, you need to complete your payment and your campaign will start to show ads on Hotstar.


I have personally tried the Hotstar ads for one of the campaigns and it gave amazing results. It works better than Facebook, Google, and YouTube Ads. The CPM was very low and CTR was high. I got 400% more than expected impressions. In just ₹10,000 I got 180,000 impressions on my ad. I would recommend you to try it.

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  1. Hey Abhishek Verma ,

    Great post with effective steps to run ads on Hotstar.

    Hotstar is one of a popular video streaming app with millions of users worldwide, whereas this great apps allows us to stream several videos, tv-shows, live cricket and movies. Thanks for letting us know and making us aware about Hotstar-Adserve.

    Your suggested steps to run ads on Hotstar using Hotstar-adserve website are clear, easy to understand and follow, whereas following these steps will be helpful and will allows several user to run ads on Hotstar.

    Truly helpful post and thanks for sharing.

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