How To Remotely Access PC with Anydesk

If you are a student or freelancer, you may need to remotely access PC of your teacher/classmate or clients. If you are working on any project with your friends or team, you may need to access each other’s PC. Like on InnovativeBeast, we sometime need to use each other’s PC to discuss or work on a post idea or for some server work, so we use Remote Access tools.

There are many software like Teamviewer or Splashtop, who charge huge money or bring a lot of limitations in their free versions. But we are here with a free and reliable Remote Access Software called Anydesk. We at InnovativeBeast, personally use it for all our works where we need to access each others PCs.

Anydesk is completely free, without any limitation of timing and all. It have voice transmitter. It is multi-platform, this means you can access cross platform devices, like Windows to Mac and iOS to Android.

Without wasting you time, Let me tell you How to remotely access PC with Anydesk…

How To Remotely Access PC with Anydesk

Setting up Anydesk is a very easy task, you can do so in less that one minute and remotely access PC of your friend or client.

Step 1 : Download Anydesk

For downloading Anydesk you need to go to official website of Anydesk and select your operating system and download it on your system. Anydesk is available for Windows, MacOS, iOS, Android, Linux, FreeBSD and Raspberry Pie.

Anydesk Homepage - Remotely Access PC

Step 2 : Open and Install Anydesk

After downloading Anydesk, open it and install it on your system through the usual installation process of your system.

Step 3 : Connect Anydesk

For connecting Anydesk you will need a unique id that Anydesk provide to every PC. It is shown whenever you open Anydesk. You need to enter this id on the PC from where you want to remotely access PC of your friend. After entering that ID, click on “Connect” and then on your friends computer, He/She need to accept your request when a popup appears asking for permission.

Hope you are now able to use Anydesk in full-fleded mode to remotely access PC of someone else. If you still have any question, you can ask in comments section below. Please share this post with your friends or followers on social media and let them know about this free tool.

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